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Best Stain Remover For Car Seats – Whether you have a car seat or leather seat, it will definitely get dirty when you and your passengers spend time in the car, regardless of whether you spill a drink or drop the crumbs. Black chairs are very popular because of their extra practicality when it comes to disguise dirt, but even this will still start to lose their luster over time.

Cleaning your car seat will not only make your car’s interior look better, it will still smell fresh. A more regular cleaning will prevent the fabric from changing color permanently or too fast and will increase the value of your car when it is time to redeem it. Keeping car seats free of debris can even be a security benefit, ensuring you rid your car of potentially nasty bacteria and the choking hazards a baby or toddler can pick up and swallow.

Best Stain Remover For Car Seats

How to clean the car seat cloth

First of all, remove large items from debris and crumbs from the coating with a vacuum cleaner or a fluffy brush. If your chair is covered in pet fur, it can become embedded in the material of the chair, so it can help to use a pet hairbrush to tease it into one place before sucking it.

Once free of visible impurities, take a jar or shampoo cleaning bottle and spray one of the chairs, following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is usually best to make the area moist, but not soaked, and gently rub the cleaning solution with a fluffy brush. Light weather is best when handling this job, as this will help the chair dry faster than winter days.

After the cleanser has been left to work in the chair for several minutes (unless otherwise stated on the bottle), grab a clean microfibre cloth – which you put aside only for work in the car – and clean or gently rub the damp area to dry as many seats as you can.

We recommend concentrating on a small area so that the product does not lag in one place longer than the other and to make sure every part of the chair is thoroughly cleaned before moving on to the next one. It is also important to ensure a uniform distribution of cleaning cloths or shampoo to avoid water stains when the chair is dry.

How to clean leather car seats

When cleaning up leather car seats is similar to maintaining upholstery, there are some important differences. While the skin can be nice to ward off stains, it can also be smooth and easy to blister, so you’ll really want to gently while sucking it up with a plastic nozzle. Another difference is you have to use a special leather upholstery cleaner, which can be a cream, not a spray or a shampoo.

Follow the instructions on the product and after it is applied and left to work its magic, lightly scrub the treated area from the chair with a clean microfibre towel. You should be able to see the skin become brighter and less shiny, because the clean skin is usually matte in appearance. As above, observe the transfer of dirt to the towel until you are satisfied that this is a job well done.

How to dry a clean car seat

After you have finished cleaning the car seat with a seat cleaner and microfibre towels, they should be just a little damp to the touch. Most products suggest to be left to dry naturally, so always plan to clear your seat when you are not planning any trip, or can use a vehicle or other transportation method.

We recommend cleaning the upholstery in the morning, during moderate weather and no rain forecast. If there is no risk of theft and you can keep an eye on the car, it will be useful to let your windows open a gap to prevent water vapor from being trapped in the car.

On a warm day, the chairs should be dry in just a few hours and you will be able to pick up your car that smells fresh for a round.

How to keep the car seat cleaner longer

Once you clean your car seat, it is a great idea to protect them as well. For this cloth seat will ward off stains and repel dirt, which means you do not need to clean it as often as possible.

In cars with leather seats, skin conditioners will not only help keep it clean, it is an important part of their maintenance. Because the skin is a natural product, if it dries too much. it becomes cracked and loses its supple and smell.