Best Rated Cars, Revealed: 2018’s best – and worst – UK car dealers

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Best Rated Cars – Power Driver 2018 has revealed which is the best UK car dealer in the owner’s eyes. Auto Express quiz driver about whether there is enough parking on site, clean waiting area, staff courtesy, and whether work is done on time. Other factors include the availability of courtesy cars, value for money and quality of work. Read on to find the best and worst car dealer in the UK.

10: Mitsubishi

Dealer satisfaction score: 86.42 percent
With dealer satisfaction score of 86.42 percent, Mitsubishi is a new entry in this year’s dealer survey. Owners are critical over the lack of courtesy cars, work standards and value for money, but are full of praise for the quick turnaround of any completed work.

Best Rated Cars

9: Volvo

Dealer satisfaction score: 86.48 percent
Volvo climbed seven places in this year’s dealer survey, pushing the Swedish brand ahead of its German rival. Volvo scores are very high for the availability of cars and dealer facilities, but companies are let down by communication and courtesy staff. Mind your Ps and Q, Volvo dealers.

8: Skoda

Dealer satisfaction score: 86.75 percent
This is the time that changed for Skoda, with brands moving more advanced and investing in various SUVs and crossovers. Do the Skoda dealers take their eyes off the ball? The eighth place sequence on the 29 brand list is not embarrassing, but Skoda dropped from fifth place in 2017. The speed and value of money is seen as a weak point.

7: Kia

Dealer satisfaction score: 86.86 percent
Kia ranks second for value for money, with good ratings for service and fixed warranty for seven years. Customers are less enamored with the facilities offered and the availability of courtesy cars.

6: Alfa Romeo

Dealer satisfaction score: 86.97 percent
New entry in this year’s survey, Alfa Romeo is also the best performing European company. Working standards are the strongest areas of Alfa Romeo, while dealer staff are also praised. Italian brands only need to work on dealer facilities, speed of work and value for money.

5: Jeep

Dealer satisfaction score: 87.53 percent
Jeep drops two places to fifth place, but Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will be happy with two places in the top 10. The brand value of the SUV is excellent across the board, with the only real screeching facility standard for owners. That said, Auto Express shows that the score has dropped slightly in other areas.

4: Suzuki

Dealer satisfaction score: 88.75 percent
Suzuki continued to bolster above its weight, with a fourth finish for the second year in a row. The owner of Suzuki is very pleased with the standard of work and value for money, with the availability of courtesy cars the only real complaint. Sort this issue and Suzuki can be in the top spot hunt by 2019.

3: Toyota

Dealer satisfaction score: 88.83 percent
That is a similar story for Toyota, with the availability of the only courtesy fly car in the ointment. On the plus side, Toyota climbed four places from 2017, with dealer facilities rated second after Lexus. Standards and speed of work completed are other areas that need attention.

2: Honda

Dealer satisfaction score: 89.43 percent
Honda finished runner-up for the second year in a row, making it the mainstream mainstream manufacturer in Power Express Driver Power survey. Japanese companies get good scores across the board, with courtesy of staff and courtesy cars the only area of ​​complaint.

1: Lexus

Dealer satisfaction score: 90.23 percent
Completed the top four of Japan – and completed the top for the second year in a row – the Lexus dealership continues to impress. Remarkably, Lexus did not finish lower than fourth in one of seven categories, with the value of money seen as the company’s weakest area.

Armed with the best dealer knowledge, you know where to go to get good service. But what about dealers to avoid? Fortunately, the Power Driver survey has the answer. Read on to find the bottom five.