Best Site For Used Cars, These are the safest used cars for young families

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Best Site For Used Cars – Is the safest used car you can buy as a new parent? A safe set of wheels for a child is something that is on the list of young couples to buy things ahead of the big day – but the baby is expensive, and it’s not always worth going out and choosing from the most recent car to keep your new arrival safely.

Co-op Insurance in cooperation with Thatcham Research has taken the liberty of collecting the safest used cars for young families, based on a set of specific criteria.

Best Site For Used Cars

A five star NCAP rating is awarded, with a special focus on the safety of child passengers. Front and side protection, as well as how easy and safe it is to mount the back of a child, is taken into account. An additional important feature is Autonomous Emergency Braking.

And the five safest cars used for young families are ..?

5: Toyota RAV4

Higher and bigger evidence is not always better. RAV4 alone anywhere close to what you call the ‘right’ SUV in the list. It’s also one of the safest used SUVs that young families can buy. But the more compact engines still do it better …

4: Nissan Qashqai

The most popular evidence is not necessarily the best. That’s not to discredit Nissan’s best-selling sales. Although the fourth on the list of five here, this is still the safest bet for young families who want to move.

3: BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

First plunge into this segment for premium German manufacturers. BMW’s engineering fetishism goes beyond performance and technology, with the big 2er being one of the safest and easiest to operate a used family car on the market.

2: Volkswagen Touran

Secure purchases in terms of security, reliability, and actual residue. You can not go far wrong with Volkswagen – Touran will survive, it will retain its value better than most contemporary offers and if you have a prang, you can be sure you are in one of the best used cars for families out there.

1: Mazda CX-5

Mazda will forgive us for calling it a black horse in the new car market. Never sell leviathan like Ford or VW, but always with a close-grade product. The CX-5 is no different (after all, it was voted in the 2018 World Car Awards final) and its place to this list is no surprise to us at all.