Best Deal On Car Rental, GUIDE: Hiring a car in Europe – how to get the best deal and not be fleeced

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Best Deal On Car Rental – The rental company charges about £ 15 per day for excessive waiver policies, compared to which offers a cover of £ 2.99 per day in Europe (or £ 39.99 for the annual cover), and can be purchased before leaving home, avoiding stress table rental.

Insurance companies find that travelers who rent cars are still confused with the pricing structure, jargon, and optional waivers offered. Around 72 percent said they found a confusing contract and 17 percent had incremental cost increases when picking up a rental car when they thought they had paid it all before.

Best Deal On Car Rental

Complaints and questions about car rental in the EU rose nearly 30 percent last year, according to the European Consumer Center UK (UK ECC).

The main reason is the cost of post-lease damages, especially after unchecked drop-offs, insurance disputes about unqualified, overpriced or excessive waivers, and unfair fuel rules in which customers pay for full tanks when returning their vehicles are not regardless of how much has been used.

Most complaints come from Spain, Italy, Iceland and Malta.

So when you rent a car, make sure you:

Inspect the vehicle before and after the lease (with photos if possible) and make sure both parties sign the document at that time and keep a copy of it.

Shop around for the best rate (if ordered online, you have no right to cancel and claim a refund). Prices may also vary according to the time of year.

Read all documents before signing, including terms and conditions.

Check what is and is not covered by insurance.

Confirm the company’s fuel tank policy. There may be a penalty to return the car with insufficient fuel.

Check any additional costs you may be responsible for: usually you will start at the car rental desk.

Give enough time to drive down the car.

Check out country highway codes and local road laws.

Ask for evidence of disputed allegations.

When collecting a rental car, insist on driving around with a company representative to record damage, bumps, scratches, fuel levels, etc. Take a copy of the company records for your own records and make sure they are accurate.

Remember that you are always liable for any damages that exist in vehicles that did not exist prior to hiring.

When returning the car, do another inspection with a company representative and get a confirmation of the lack of damage in writing to prevent any further costs incurred.

It’s also worth remembering:

Consumers are advised when purchasing items worth over £ 100 and less than £ 30,000 to use credit cards, since part 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act can place the same obligations as the seller on the credit card company.

‘Contract’ can be violated if the car rental company does not do what its terms and conditions say.

Car rental companies must follow the code of ethics of any trade association they have (check what membership applies before you apply).

Under EU Services Directive 2009, where you live / nationality should not affect the price you pay.

Check the terms and conditions before ordering your rental car – that way you’ll know who is entitled to charge you for a car rental.

European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRS) has been established by several large car rental companies for customers who have booked the car directly, NOT through a rented broker or travel agent. This has been partially created by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).