Best Buy Car Dvd Player, 5 genius ways to avoid in-car tantrums this summer – from DVD players to Apple CarPlay

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Best Buy Car Dvd Player – Family vacation or vacation can mean a long journey on the highway.

Children can sometimes get bored and tired of being stuck in the back of the car.

But the good news is there’s a lot you can do to make sure everyone reaches the goal with a sense of happiness.

Below we have listed a list of eight great ideas to keep kids entertained on the road.

Best Buy Car Dvd Player

And you never know … some adults might enjoy spending time with this too!

Create playlists of music they like

Many parents will remember the days when FM radio and creaking tape decks were the only option for long car trips.

Fortunately, everything has improved with various car stereos that allow you to stream online music services and radio stations from your phone.

If your radio lacks Bluetooth support, it may be time to upgrade. A Pioneer MVH-AV290BT Car Stereo (above) is now £ 120 (saves 39 pounds) and can connect to Bluetooth-enabled handsets. What’s more, it can directly control iPhone via cable. In fact, it can play audio or video from almost any source.

Remember, most streaming services let you download songs to your phone before you leave. This will save your data on the long journey and ensure you do not have to sit still when your cell phone signal is too weak.

Take DVD to watch

Pleased as music, sometimes it can generate its own small argument. The kids want Ed Sheeran and the adults want the Queen and never both meet. In that situation, it may be time to give the children something else to do.

It’s worth it to complete it with Nextbase Car 9 “Portable In-Car DVD Player (above), at a price of £ 79 (saving 20 pounds) .This is a DVD and media player with a nine inch screen and support for USB and SD card storage to rotate music and video files.

If you have two children, you may need to consider two players – and Halfords has a twin version – Nextbase Car 7 Dual – 7 “Portable DVD Players In Double Cars (above), now £ 110.

If you prefer not to listen to what the kids are watching, you can also get each child a set of Wireless CAR Next Wireless Headphone Series for £ 14.99. They are perfect for small children because there is no cable for them to get into trouble. The headphones are automatically connected to the Infra Red signal from the Nextbase CAR DVD player and deliver a very immersive sound.

Pack a picnic and stop for a break

When you’re driving it’s tempting to keep going there faster. But fatigue is dangerous and you will probably find that everyone is much more grumpy if you stop to rest.

You can decide how long you want to rest, but it’s worth taking the time to stop for lunch.

Take Halters XL Waterproof Pocket Cloth – now £ 10 (half price) – to sit and pack lunch at the Picnic Picnic Picnic Picnic Set Summerhouse Coast (above), now £ 61.99 (£ 29 savings). It has everything you need for lunch in a practical basket.

Or you can bring along Halfords 40 Liter Mains and 12V & 24V Electric Coolbox (above), which is now £ 85 (saves £ 25). It can be powered either from 240V electricity or by 12V in a 24-in-truck car or plug cigarette and will keep your food and beverage supply nice and cool.

Download the audiobooks for them to listen to

If the music fails and the movie fails then let them lose themselves in a great story.

You can download audio books to play through headphones or via car speakers with Kenwood DMX-7017DABS CarPlay & Android Auto car stereo at £ 349 (save £ 50).

This fantastic device will connect to your iPhone or Android device with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to give you a variety of phone features on your dashboard.

Get the car checked and avoid damage
Do not risk damage at seven miles or seventy miles because no one is making children more impatient than being trapped on the side of the road.

So arrange free Halfords Summer Car Checks to protect you from the surprise pit stop on the way.

Book online at or visit the store – no promises are required – and you’ll get a free auto bulb and battery check, plus checks on glass eraser blades, engine oil levels, air conditioners and any windshield chips. They will even give you a screen wash up-up – all for free.