Best Cheapest Cars, Top 5 cheapest cars in India – prices between Rs. 1 lakh to 5 lakhs

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Best Cheapest Cars – The cheapest car in India: the car has turned into a typical transportation medium. Most people want to travel by car rather than rely on public transport due to the convenience and convenience provided by the car. Here we give you the top 5 cheapest cars in India, which also stand out for their style, design, and mileage.

Best Cheapest Cars

5 cheapest cars in India

1. Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon car is made by the leading South Korean carmaker, Hyundai. This car is best suited for young money-conscious buyers. Customers can enjoy long-term benefits while using this car.

Features and prices of Hyundai Eon
This car has a seating limit of 5 and is equipped with iRDE technology that is well demonstrated and effective
The 814cc, 3 cylinder engine is made basically for Indian roads to convey ideal power.
It has a superior fuel mileage of 21.1 Km / Lt.
It has an intensity of 55 bhp @ 5500 rpm
It comes at a reasonable cost of 4.40 lakh.
Additional features

This amazing car combines new clear headlamps, integrated rear spoiler with stop lights, 814 cc displacement with driver airbag and central locking frame.

2. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is a very simple car due to low cost and maintenance. It is a solid and pragmatic city car. This car is suitable for Indian roads and has a legacy of more than 15 years.

Features and prices Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
This car motor is equipped to create the most extreme intensity of 35.3 kW at 6200rpm.
It has a vibrant inserted stereo, a child’s rear door lock, airbags, and a power window
It has a seating limit that is related to 4 individuals and has 5 door systems.
The car has an improved mileage of 24.7 kmpl.
It comes with a reasonable fee of 3.34 lakh.
Additional features

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 uses a headlamp, a new front cover, amplified radiator grille, and fog lamp settings.

3. Renault Kwid

Kwid is the most prominent among the richest and wealthiest cars in India. This accompanies a hybrid design with a lower body layer and a high ground option. It has a strong position.

Features and prices of Renault Kwid
This car has a powerful grille configuration and organized, with a seating limit of 5 and equipped with 7-inch touch screen
It’s controlled by a 799cc engine
It has an SUV-roused plan, a stylish fog lamp that broadcasts it to be the best in its class
The cost of the car is 2.67 lakh.
Additional features

Kwid has super-energy features such as a touchscreen infotainment system with radio, a four-speaker cluster digital instrument, a well-laid cabin with a black piano center console, and chrome-accented AC vents. CD, USB etc.

4. Datsun Redi-Go

This is prominent among other models in the sensible part. This accompanies a bolder design and attractive cost. Style and design of this car target on the young

Features and prices of Datsun Redi-Go
The car has an 800cc engine
It has a seating limit for 5 people,
The cost of the car is Rs 2.38 lakh
Additional features

Datsun Redi-Go also comprises of Integrated Headrest Front Chairs, High End Stop Lights, Rear Auxiliary Handles, Driver Side Sun Visor, Utility Storage, Front Door Board Pockets, Front And Front Reclining Sliding, Sun Visor Passenger Side, Computer Drive etc.

5. TATA Nano

TATA Nano is an ideal case of low maintenance and one of the best cheapest cars in India. It has been designed by the manufacturer according to buyer’s requirements.

Features and price Nano TATA
It has a seating limit for 4 people
Manual variations of the GenX Nano case to offer 25.3 km / liter mileage, while the case of the automatic version offers 21.9 km / liter.
Powered by a 624cc motorcycle,
The cost of the car is about 2.8 lakh.
Additional features

It has other energy features, for example, Display Driver Information, Side Sunvisor Driver, Electronic Trip Metercoloured handles, Infinity Motif New Grille Design, and Other Integrated Rear Spoiler

In the present, cars have turned into necessities. On top of the list of cheapest cars in India serving ordinary people in every day traveling.