Best Car Search Site, Waterloo Police Stopped A Car Doing 3 Times The Legal Speed Limit And Found All Sorts Of Illegal Things In It

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Best Car Search Site – If you drive around with lots of illegal things in the car how careful are you driving? You may actually adhere to the speed limit to avoid withdrawal, right?

Well not if you’re two guys from Brampton, Ontario who decide that the best thing to do is put a pedal on the floor.

And it does not go well.

Waterloo Ontario police arrested a 32-year-old Brampton man to perform 175 km / h in a 60 km / h zone.

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The police then accused the driver of driving acrobatics, which means they confiscated his car for 7 days on the spot.

His license was also suspended for 7 days as well.

Usually this is the story of a man and his passenger who just decided to drive very fast for fun but here is a turn.

After confiscating the car the police start looking for a vehicle, and sacred moly they find many things.

Police found what they suspected was the number of fentanyl, methamphetamine, unnamed cocaine.

They also found an unknown amount of cash.

Drivers and passengers now face many allegations related to the incident.

So, let this be a lesson for you if you are thinking of going around with a large amount of illegal goods in your car. Try your best not to be noticed.