Gps Tracking Device For Cars Best Buy, This Caribbean Company’s Products Will Be In Best Buy

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Gps Tracking Device For Cars Best Buy – News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 20, 2018: Software company operated in the Caribbean will now have two of its products now available to US consumers through the top US company.

Starting Wednesday, July 18, 2018, this week, Amber Connect, a Kingston, Jamaica software company specializing in “IoT Internet application development,” according to its website, will have two states – in a vehicle GPS system and tracker bikes available at Best Buy online store.

Gps Tracking Device For Cars Best Buy

The Jamaica Gleaner report indicates that the partnership was signed through Bluebird Group, a retail services company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Best Buy online will bring two of Amber Connect’s best-selling telematics products – Amber Connect 365G and Amber Connect 362.

The higher level AMB 365G provides services such as real-time tracking, travel reports, cost management and other functions. The AMB 362 unit is a portable tracking device and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Both devices are enabled by app and can be controlled by the owner.

ICD Group chairman Joseph M. Matalon, owner of Amber Connect, told the newspaper that instagram placement would be followed by this Autumn.

Amber Connect was founded by CEO Dushyant Savadia in 2015, but quickly developed into an overseas market. The company also has a software development base in India.

“Aligned with Best Buy is not only an honor but also a clear representation of the high-tech innovations Amber Connect has achieved in a short time,” said Savadia.

Amber Connect says “its mission is to provide safety, security and peace of mind to vehicle owners, provide business intelligence for commercial verticals and create safer and more secure communities by offering affordable IoT security solutions.”