Best Car Cassette Adapter, 5 simple tech upgrades that’ll make your car a lot smarter

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Although I really like to drive, there is little that I know about cars outside that push pedals and how to refill the gas tank.

Since I will never spend time under the hood, I have found a way to improve my car that does not require any tools, but it still makes a big difference.

Best Car Cassette Adapter

The best part is you can do it regardless of the age, make and model of your car; My mine is 14 years old and smarter than the day it rolled over.

Bluetooth audio receiver

I have written about AUKEY bluetooth receiver before, and I can not stress how great the difference is made in the quality of my life while driving. My phone no longer has a headphone jack, so I connect this transmitter to my car stereo via a cassette adapter (if your car has AUX input, it will work too), and I send music to it via Bluetooth. It’s much more elegant than filling my car with a dongle, and letting my phone stand still without wires.

AUKEY Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver, $ 28.99, available on Amazon

Dashboard dashboard

Whether you’re worried about a break, or wanting proof of an accident, you should invest in a dash cam. AUKEY captures video at 1080P, has a 170 degree viewing area, and attaches to your car via suction cup or adhesive tape. You have to buy a MicroSD card for the camera to record video, but fortunately they have become very cheap lately.

AUKEY Dash Cam, $ 64.99, available on Amazon

Dongle smart cars

The Automatic Pro is the most powerful car gadget I’ve ever used. It’s plugged into your car’s diagnostic port – if your car was created after about 1996, it will have it – and sends information to your smartphone. This includes travel statistics, the ability to show you where you are parking (very convenient in the mall), and what’s wrong with your car when the check engine light is on. Auto Pro also sends you alerts every time you start driving, so if your car is stolen, you’ll know exactly when it happened and where it is.

Auto Pro, $ 109.99, available on Amazon

Wireless charging charger

I have fully recovered wireless charges with my iPhone, and currently I am testing an iOttie Qi-enabled mount car to further remove cables from my life. The look and function is exactly like a standard suction cup car holder, but it fills your phone battery while holding it in place. This is one of the improvements you’ll appreciate every time you’re in the car, especially when traveling away.

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Fast Car Fast Car Mount, $ 49.95, available on Amazon

Active Alexa car charger

Roav, a subsidiary of Anker technology accessory maker, has come up with a car charger with Alexa Amazon built in it. That means you can play music from any streaming service you want using your voice, control your home smart gadgets from the street, and use whatever Alexa skills you normally do. I’m testing Viva now, and it really impressed me so far, though I still need a bit of time before posting my full review.

Roav VIVA, $ 49.99, available on Amazon