Best Gps For Cars, Car security: top tips to protect your car

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Best Gps For Cars – Thieves are sophisticated and are constantly looking for ways to get into cars, but car makers work just as hard to keep vehicles safe. There are many ways drivers can secure their cars from thieves, often involving fairly simple changes.

Make sure you are not a victim of crime and follow these 10 tips to protect your car.

Best Gps For Cars

1. Check the recall

The first thing to do is make sure you know any remarkable pullouts for your car. Manufacturers pay great attention to car security and aim to make sure all the software in your car is as safe as possible.

Software updates are common and can be done by your local dealer or, in some cases, wirelessly over the internet.

2. Keep your keys at home safely

When it comes to blocking the most sophisticated thieves, police warn not to leave car keys in the hall or near your front door, where their access codes can be caught; You can even put it in a metal box or safe overnight.

3. Lock the door manually

You can stop thieves from cloning your wireless key signals by manually locking the car door with a key.

4. Reset password

Many new cars can connect to the internet or are controlled by smartphone apps. If your car has this functionality, make sure you change the default password and never store the wireless access code in the car.

5. Get the tracker

If you have a valuable car, you may want to invest in a car tracker that will alert you if someone tries to move it. The combination of GPS and radio tracker signals let you know the exact location of your car at all times, so you’ll know if it’s being driven by someone else. And if stolen, the police can recover it from the thieves.

6. Install the steering wheel

Lock the steering wheel is an old-fashioned solution, and although it will not provide 100% protection, it will help strip off opportunistic thieves and slow down anyone who tries to steal your car.

7. Be careful with the key

Never leave your car open with a key in the ignition and never leave it with the engine on. It sounds obvious, but it can be tempting to leave a key in your car when you pay for gasoline or leave it open with a running engine in your drive when the window is damaged.

8. Parking in a safe place

Keeping your car in a locked garage is not only invisible, it also adds an extra layer of complexity that the thief must overcome before it can be driven.

9. Hide valuables

Do not leave anything of value in your car. Keep your car neat and make sure you take valuables and items with personal information with you when you leave the car to make your car unattractive to the opportunistic thief.