Best Car Code Reader, Be your own mechanic with the $11 Kobra OBD-II Wi-Fi car code reader

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Best Car Code Reader – The Cobra OBD-II Wi-Fi car code reader drops to $ 11.19 in Amazon with the PP94JP7K code. It sells for $ 20 without code and we have not seen sales on this reader in a few months now. This version uses Wi-Fi, so it’s compatible with iOS, Android, and, God forbid you still use one, Windows phone.

The problem with Wi-Fi is that you can not always carry it near your car. You can get this Bluetooth car code reader for $ 7.12 with Z6KXA33D code. It’s down from $ 13, but the Bluetooth version does not work with iOS.

Best Car Code Reader  

Skip using your phone altogether with the Cobra’s OBD-II professional direct diagnostic car scanner for $ 12.39 with the 7934LGIX code. That’s about $ 6 from what usually happens. You will not be able to transfer data to your phone, but you can also scan and read code much faster and take action.

Cobra car code reader can connect and read code from any car made after 1996. Then use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (depending on what you buy) to send readings to free apps, or third-party apps like Torque Pro on Android or DashCommand on iOS. This can take generic code and Diagnostic Codes Automotive manufacturer’s specific problems. Clean that Check Engine light that has been bugging you for months. More than 1,573 reviewers gave this reader 3.7 stars.