Best Cheap Car, I Need a ‘Cool Dad’ Car for $60,000! What Car Should I Buy?

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Best Cheap Car – Sam has a 2005 Mini Cooper S, which is a nice little car, but not practical enough for a growing family. He wants something sporty, fun, and practical and has a healthy enough budget to complete this task. What car should he buy?

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Best Cheap Car

Here is the scenario:

I am a new dad who needs more space than my ’05 Mini S (manual). We plan to have a second child in the near future, and I want to be able to operate the car seat without dying and no need to drive with the steering wheel in my throat. At the same time, I did not hate my time in the car at all.

I needed space for two car seats in a sizeable car that still fit in my garage and parallel park. I want something that is a sneaky pleasure to drive (think of the performance line of the mainstream brand). I want something like a CTS-V cart or E63 cart, but I do not know if I can get a decent example with a $ 60,000 budget. Also, I prefer something with AWD and it should be automated.

Quick Facts:
Budget: $ 50,000 – $ 60,000

Daily Driver: Yes

Location: Westchester, NY

Want: Sporty, fun, practical

Do not want: Trans manual or something too big

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Wagons To Win

First of all, great for you even trying to make the Mini Cooper work with one child. It’s not an easy task, but once the second child enters the picture it will be a futile exercise.

Since you are a Jalopnik reader, you already know that the train is the best solution, and you have correctly predicted that the problem will be your budget. The CTS-V cart cartage has priced all the good examples north of $ 60k, and you can thank the particular YouTube personality who used to work here for the price of the E63 wagon. That does not mean you can not find a good used E63 for less than $ 60,000, but it will be a challenge. Another problem with the cars is its size. Coming from Mini they will feel gigantic. To facilitate parallel parking, you may want to find a middle ground.

You may be tempted by the Volvo V60, which is almost feasible for seats only, but would be a kind of disappointment from a tight wagon perspective because the cargo space that can be used is actually quite small.

My advice would be the newer BMW 3 Series wagon, or the F31 as mentioned by BMW fans. These cars are already available in your budget either new or used, with a certified pre-owned option giving you the most for your money. The 248 horsepower four-cylinder feels faster than advertised and the eight-speed auto is really the kind of fun to pull the paddles and run through the gears themselves.

This is not a big car, but kids should be more comfortable in the back and the rear cargo area can hold a ton of teeth. This is a 2016 CPO with an M-Sport kit for just $ 34,000. With such savings, you can buy cheap sports cars with sticks for the weekend.

Expert 2: Patrick George – Accept Without Substitution

You know, Sam, I’m a “cool dad” here on my own. I do not have my own children, but I play blog fathers daily to my beautiful car son and daughter in Jalopnik, most of whom can not find out Google Calendar or how to charge properly. But I love them anyway!

And when I have to transport my Jalops to the hospital for tetanus injections for the thousandth time, or to the various community service activities required by the court, only one vehicle fits the bill: the Cadillac CTS-V train, which you yourself say you interested. I think you should look for it.

The good news is that while these things are rare and seem to increase in value, they are not impossible to find. Not yet. I found you one in Chicago with just 55,000 miles on the clock to walk under your budget at $ 40,800. A bit much for a used Cadillac, yes, but that’s a weird and desirable bodystyle with the shout of a 556 HP supercharged V8 under the hood – and it claims over 600 with some mod. And it has an automatic, as requested. Buy this gem before another dad beat you for it.

Expert 3: Mack Hogan – Modern Solutions

I hate to admit it, but BlogDad is right. You can not accept anything less than the best, and the CTS-V. If it fails, I am a big supporter of the Wagon E63. They are out there to earn money and, as a bonus, you can buy a safe with the knowledge that its value will not fall.

But you’re not here to read about the car you’ve been thinking! You come to us for new ideas, and your humble Macktern is here to save the day. Consider, if you want, X5 M. You not only get this for your money, but you can get the current generation model that came out in 2015.

You do not have to face the previous generation Cadillac interior, with GM 2011 technology. Instead, this example I found with 69,227 miles for $ 53,999 has a view camera surround, active drivers help to keep families safe and rear seat entertainment to keep ‘uneasy’. And of course, the twin-turbo 568 V8 horsepower twisted all four tires.

Expert 4: David Tracy – Your Kids Deserve 6 Cylinders

I do not know much about the space requirements needed for children or car seats or strollers, or really, all that. But I’m not sure you need a cart just for two little humans. What I believe is that each of the children needs at least six cylinders.

Ferrari understands this. Be like a Ferrari.

Children do not like to share, we all know this. So, when you open the veil, you will want to avoid conflicts by assigning each child their own bank cylinder. In the case of Cadillac or BMW M, your kids should grow with only four cylinders each, and it’s not alive, right? In the case of the BMW wagon, you do not even have two banks to share! You can split the two fronts of the two backs, but believe me when I say: The kids do not share the cylinder bank. That’s a proven fact.

Clearly V12 is a must, here. And since there are not many V12 cars left, and since friends with kids complain about how expensive and cluttered the mini version itself is, I say you have to buy something to use, like the BMW 750iL shown above. It’s $ 7,500, and comes with not only 12 cylinders of rage, but ZF five-speed automatic and tons of space in the back for a child seat.

With the remaining 50 thousand, you can even send a child to college. At least, at least one semester.