Z Best Car Wax, Revealed: WA’s cheapest cars to run

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Z Best Car Wax – It’s $ 4 a week cheaper to own and run new cars compared to last year according to the annual RAC vehicle operating cost survey, released today.

The survey assessed 140 new cars in 14 vehicle categories to calculate ownership costs over five years, based on driving 12,000 kilometers per year.

Z Best Car Wax

RAC finds a combination of new car purchase prices, on-road costs, interest rates, depreciation, fuel, service and other maintenance down slightly from $ 217.48 per week in 2017 to $ 212.86 in 2018.

The RAC Vehicle and Sustainability Manager Alex Forrest say shrinking is by far the biggest cost for owning a new car, averaging up to 43 percent of the cost over five years.

“On-road costs such as stamp duty and registration make up 21 percent of operating costs, while fuel accounts for 11 percent, which all riders charge has little control,” he said.

While overall costs of having a new car go down, the cost where still rising.

“Unleaded fuel rose 9c per liter compared to last year, an increase of $ 108 a year for the average car,” Forrest said.

“Over the past two years, registration fees have also increased by more than 10 percent.”

The survey also crowned WA’s cheapest cars to run on categories and good news for Mitsubishi fans.

Mitsubishi Mirage ES is the cheapest car in the state run, costing just $ 102.73 a week.

Mitsubishi Triton won the 2WD and 4WD ute categories and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLX released the all-terrain SUV category.

Electric vehicles are still the most expensive to operate but Mitsubishi is back on top with Mitsubishi Outlander Phev LS at a cost of $ 251.21 per week to run compared to Tesla’s Model S, which costs more than $ 465 a week.

Mr Forrest said in addition to cost, safety should be a priority for new car buyers and he encourages buyers to only buy vehicles with a five star ANCAP rating.