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Best Buy Car Alarms – The remote start system for your vehicle may sound like a special gadget, but with more than one million aftermarket units sold in North America every year, it’s clear the device has a variety of exciting use cases. To help you navigate the large number of products that enter the market each year, we have compiled a list of the top five best long distance cars.

Whether you live in a hot or cold climate and want to normalize your car cabin cabin before leaving, or maybe you just started the car from a mile away, this is the highest long-distance starter you can buy – at some price points.

Best Buy Car Alarms


Range – 1 mile
Paging – Two way communication
Price – $ 158
Python 4806P is a long-range rear-wheel drive car with a number of advanced features in its segment, but still well within affordability. Highlights include two-way communication, full starter spacing, and four additional outputs for enhancements. To use the SmartStart smartphone app, you can complete the DSM200 or DSM250 Python module.

Distance miles may sound like full overload, but as a general rule, long-range starters with longer range also mean one with a strong transmitter power. If you want to start your car from inside the building or through a wall, you need a unit with high power. Choosing a starter with a small range, in comparison, may mean you need a clear shot in your vehicle to get started.


Range – 1 mile
Paging – Two way communication
Price – $ 210
Flicking everything to the price level, Clifford 470.6X long-range star adds some nice features to the powerful Python list. The main highlight of the Clifford unit is its SuperCode security encryption aimed at blocking potential hackers. This is a common problem for long distance buyers, and which is usually only addressed by the most expensive unit.

Other key features include an LCD display showing vehicle status and confirm commands, two-way communication, one mile distance, SmartStart smartphone apps, four additional channels, valet mode, panic mode, and vehicle temperature monitoring. If there’s one thing the Clifford system does not have, it’s the right car alarm. Fortunately, this is something you can add with a compatible module.


Distance – 1,200 feet
Paging – One way communication
Price – $ 41
If you’re interested in long distance car starters, but the $ 100 or $ 200 product range is too rich for your blood, check out Avital 4103LX. Very affordable yet feature-rich, the Avital system offers two remote, keyless entry, special trunk release, 1,200 meter range, and a single additional hookup. Think of this more as a substitute for your standard remote entry system, but with upgrades for long-range ignition.

At this price point, you must do so without a smartphone app, LCD screen, or vehicle monitoring system, but sometimes functionally better than fancy.


Range – 1 mile
Paging – two-way communication
Price – $ 190
Viper has become the default after-sales system for those who want to improve security functions or remotely enabled car. Dear company reputation means you have to pay more than one chunk of change for their latest long-haul system, but it also means the tools and functions of the original equipment manufacturer’s qualities.

The LC3 is a third generation Viper transmitter. It covers one mile, two-way communication, large LED display, rechargeable remote, valet mode, vehicle temperature display in car, SmartStart app, and dual car integration (you can use one remote for two cars).


Range – 2,500 feet
Paging – Two way communication
Price – $ 134
The Code Alarm System is focused first and foremost to protect your vehicle, but a number of remarkable features (including remote start) are included in this package. Security highlights include two-stage collision sensors, silent alarms, shock sensors that detect unauthorized disturbances, weatherproof sirens, remote door locks / locks, and ignition covers when unauthorized access is available.

Beyond this feature, the Alarm Code system has 2,500 ft range, two-way communication, four-button remote, large LCD display, alarm clock mode (to start the car at the same time each day), and valet mode.