Best Way To Sell Your Car, Selling a used car online? Here’s how to take photos so it stands out

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Best Way To Sell Your Car – Anyone looking for a used car in the online market will pay attention to the photo before looking at the others. Only if prospective buyers are impressed with what they see, they will start to look at the technical specifications of the car.

Images are the main criteria for buyer decisions. “The photographs should give a good picture to potential buyers,” said Christian Maas of Germany’s online vehicle market

Best Way To Sell Your Car

Marit-Andrea Meineke from used car also considers good photos to be the deciding factor in sales. “Those who post their vehicle photos online increase the number of vehicle displays by a factor of five. In addition, display ads receive 67% more requests from potential buyers than without image ads, “he explained.

There are several reasons for this. “Photos make deals transparent and add emotional elements. The images offer security for potential buyers and thus increase demand for vehicles, “Meineke said. More interest often increases the selling price of the vehicle.

1. Preparation: Before the car owner photographed their vehicle, they must clean it thoroughly, outside and inside. “Polished paint, clean rims and tires and well-maintained interiors increase sales opportunities significantly, and sometimes allow higher selling prices,” Maas said.

Having an in-car entertainment system enabled can make the interior look a bit more vibrant, while keeping the headrests and backrest can make the interior look more presentable.

2. Perspective: Modern smartphones are more than enough as a camera. “The wide angle can distort the image, and normal focal length usually offers the best results,” says Andreas Lindlahr, a professional automotive photographer.

Do not take a car diagonal shot from above, says Klein. Instead of shooting from a child’s point of view, filling the frame with just a little car environment. Lindlahr also recommends shooting angles that are slightly lower than eye level, at 45 degrees from front and back.

To show off the car properly, it is best to photograph it from all angles and perspectives. For privacy, Maas advises salespeople to close their license plates with cardboard or obfuscate them later on the computer.

When shooting in a diagonal, Lindlahr recommends rotating the rim of the car slightly to face the camera. For front, side and back, the tire should stay straight.

3. Blemishes: For a very dirty or slightly scratched car, Maas says some professional help can be useful. It costs several hundred dollars to get a professional to eliminate small scratches, bumps or dents, but this amount can be quickly recovered by higher selling prices.

4. Authenticity: Lindlahr sees a delicate balance between presenting the car well and hiding any defects. “The result should be that potential buyers are enthusiastic without the seller having to hide the visible shortcomings,” Lindlahr said. Authenticity is important for business transactions.

5. Light: Lindlahr recommend photographing the car in bright light, but without flash or backlight, because artificial light is often reflected in the windshield or headlights. Reflection on car paint can also be annoying. It would be better if the light comes from the front or from above, but do not take your photos in the midday sun.

6. Background: Large and neutral public boxes ideal for photo sessions, such as in front of a supermarket, hardware store or furniture store, according to Lindlahr. A uniform background will not distract from the car.

7. Selection: After that, it is important to make the right choice of photos. “A good photo that appeals to you as a seller is better than ten bad ones,” Lindlahr said. – dpa