Best Car Maintenance App, Best Car Apps Of 2018 So Far

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Best Car Maintenance App – As a driver, any features that can help improve the safety of a car or make life on the road easier should be a welcome addition and thanks for some specific applications as they have been designed to keep drivers in mind.

From apps to help you navigate to those that monitor how fast your teen is driving, there are plenty out there to help support regular and new drivers alike. Here is the best collection of car apps this year:

Best Car Maintenance App

1. Smart Driver Club Application

Smart Driver Club is a really cool app that covers a lot of driving situations and different requirements – it comes with a membership fee and requires a Smart Plug to set it up. It can be integrated with your car computer. Thanks to Emily over at Big Motor World for recommending this one.

This means the app can let you know if there is a problem with your car, it can complete recovery if you strike and also offers driving monitoring as well as a calculator for planned travel costs.

2. Sygic Application

This GPS app makes it much easier to follow directions thanks to the 3D map it generates which means you can see the route and way ahead much more clearly. But pleasure does not stop there; it also includes the cheapest gas stations near you, the nearest parking lot and real-time traffic monitoring.

3. Fuel Application

This app helps you track the fuel usage of your car and shows how efficiently your car is running that can help identify if there is a potential engine problem. This is very useful for old cars that do not have a computer system to notify you about the remaining fuel automatically.

4. Google Maps app

Google maps also show real-time traffic updates and help you choose the fastest route. It works with Google search so if you search where you can find the map to direct you there as well.

Another cool feature of this app is that it allows you to find places easily. This app is also useful for getting directions when parking your vehicle. so if you need to park your vehicle some distance away you can also use the app to give you walking instructions so it is perfect to visit a new city, or find your way back to your car after the meeting if you are not good at remembering the road.

5. Waze app

Waze is an online community to help with GPS because the user community shares traffic news and updates when they see it, like accidents, incidents, and traffic jams, which means you get an early warning if something happens to your route.

This is a good way to keep up with things that are happening in your local area and you can also contribute if you find something while you’re on your daily driving route.

6. Halfords app

The Halfords app helps you to schedule all of your car service and maintenance promises to notify you when your appointment is due and you can either book a new time or order new components and parts.

7. Drive Mode App

This app integrates your phone with a very simple interface so you can reply to messages automatically with a simple touch, and use voice commands to make calls or play music over the phone so you do not have to see the screen while on the road.

8. AutoMate Application

This app lets you install driver dashes on your car screen using your phone, effectively turning your phone into an onboard computer. It makes it easier to manage navigation, calls, and messages safely while on the go.

Whether you are looking for an app to improve your car’s efficiency or help or look forward to finding your way home, you can be sure that by 2018 there are a number of apps that suit all your needs. While many modern cars have many innate features, apps can provide older car owners with all the same skills and information at their fingertips.

Mobile phone use while driving is prohibited in many places but having apps that can link the interface to a car computer, or using voice commands and automatically respond to incoming messages can make life on the road much easier.

These are just a few examples of some great car apps out there. Many car manufacturers are also investing in their own apps for drivers who want to have manual details and car owners to hand over their phones.