Best Iphone Holder For Car, The best iPhone car holders and mounts 2018

Best Iphone 6S/6S Plus Car Mounts: 360-Degree Rotation For Optimal - Best Iphone Holder For Car

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Best Iphone Holder For Car – As the 4G and upgraded 4G smartphone technology is growing, more and more of us are using iPhone for in-car GPS.

Adoption of Apple CarPlay has not really taken off yet, so for now you will need a decent iPhone phone so that the iPhone can be viewed on the dashboard to guide you to the destination. Here are the iPhone holders and car seats available.

Best Iphone Holder For Car

Nite Ize Steelie

RRP: $ 34.99
Steelie is a cool holder, but you have to install a small magnet directly to the back of your iPhone. If you are happy to do so Steelie can be for you.

The magnet (super-strong, by the way) is connected to the Steelie Ball Mount Component, which can be attached to your dashboard, so you need to do under your iPhone in the Ball Mount to start working freely. . Since this is, you will be able to easily change the position of your iPhone in any way you choose.

Kenu Airframe + Portable Car Mount

RRP: $ 29.99

It can accommodate smartphones up to 6 inches (above the diagonal dimension), so it is perfect for the current iPhone, 7 Plus, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, is 5.5 inches. The prison spring mechanism is very easy not only to take incoming and outgoing phones, but also to many devices if needed.

Conig Universal Car Holder

RRP: $ 21.56
Konig’s universal mount of Konig is very easy and just for your windshield.

This 360 degree can be rotated and 90 degrees can be tilted, Netanya is not a problem. You can choose one for less than $ 10 in the UK, making it one of the cheaper mounts available, although it’s a bit expensive if you’re in the US.

Clingo universal mount

RRP: $ 12.99
The Clingo universal hands-free iphone car holder is pretty smart, and like a lot of mounts that can stick well on your windshield or car dashboard.

Instead of using clips or grips, your Clingo’s iPhone (or indeed, any smartphone with an average stomach) uses a strong sticky base that can not leave what is in your phone part between usage.

Ipow non-slip mattress mat

RRP: $ 14.87
We want this car holder because it has a very different design with many on the market. You can set it on the dashboard and it will not rock, allowing you to install on the iPhone vertically or horizontally at the grip to use for sat-nav.

Without glue or messy adhesives, this is a great alternative to suction and fill the available mounts.

Buy England can find a version of the mountain on Amazon for £ 8.99. There is also a second generation version of this service, though not available to buyers in the UK, available to US buyers at Amazon for $ 12.93.

Cygnett Magnetic Vent Mount

RRP: $ 24.99
Buy from Cygnett
It is a neat little mountain. Simply slide in the direction on your dashboard and the strong magnetic slip plate provided between the casing and your phone and easy and fast to adjust.

You can use your phone and phone, then it also comes with two keys to connect directly to your phone. Remember that the set does not come with a case like the red ones described here.

You can get on Amazon, you can easily go through Cygnett – so their website (link above).