Best Cars To Lease, More customers praise car leasing service offered by Genus Leasing

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Best Cars To Lease – The genus Leasing begins with a special vision: to provide personalized advice and assistance to those looking for the best car and vehicle rental deals. But the genus Leasing service does not stop there; thanks to its exceptional partnership with its suppliers, it can offer some of the most affordable prices and special offers as well.

One special offer available through Genus Leasing today, for example, is for BMW 1 (Series 118), a hatchback that uses gasoline and has a manual transmission. Through Genus Leasing, customers can arrange a lease deal for a vehicle for just £ 262.80 per month, and this is supplemented by VAT. Other special offers currently available are for Nissan Qashqai, an SUV that also has a manual transmission and is now offered for a monthly rental fee of just £ 238.80, including VAT. For those who want to rent another type of SUV, there’s also a special offer for Vauxhall Grandland X, which comes with a manual transmission and is available for just £ 225 per month, with VAT.

Best Cars To Lease

Genus Leasing has built a solid reputation among many customers, some of whom have relied on Genus Leasing for years. More customers are happy with Genus Leasing service, and one such customer is Peter Eels, who takes advantage of the car lease deal for Audi Q5: “The car arrives in the sun and it’s amazing. I am very happy, thank you. My Q5 is perfect and has excellent service. A very happy customer. Thanks to everyone at Genus for your outstanding service. ”

Another customer, Andrew Bullen, who leased Volkswagen Tiguan, stated, “I am delighted to receive the second car from Genus Leasing and once again I am really impressed with the customer service standards. This approach takes the pressure to buy a car, you can really trust the expert management of the process. ”

But maybe one other customer, Charles Bransby-Zachary, says the best: “These guys are the best in the business!”

About company:

Genus Leasing specializes in car rentals for both personal and business clients looking for the best and most affordable rental car deal for different brands, models and manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mazda, Jeep, Tesla, Land Rover, Skoda, Ford, Toyota , Jaguar, Honda, Porsche, and others. For more information on the UK’s cheapest rental offer, visit the company’s website.