Best Car Cleaner, Bess Detail Ever provides professional vehicle cleaning

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Best Car Cleaner – When Ferdinand Bess cleanses your vehicle, he treats it like his own.

Bess opened the door to Bess Detail Ever in June at 700 Main Street S. in Crestview. He also runs a similar business in Atlanta before moving back to Crestview in April.

Detailing is the process of cleaning the car in depth from the inside out. Detailers use a mix of basic and specialized products for cleaning, restore finish on individual parts and vehicles present at their best.

Best Car Cleaner

What does he want people to know about his company?

“That I work professionally,” Bess said, “that I want their car done as I would do my car.”

His passion for seeing vehicles go from bad to good, dirty to clean has been the basis of a career detailing for 22 years.

Bess’s services range from basic washing and vacuum to full detail which includes cleaning bumper, luggage, wheel wall and interior details.

“If you want to always look new, you want to keep it clean so that it will always maintain that look,” he said. “(Very important) to finish it before you sell it too,” Bess said.

Bess Detail Ever open at 8 am to 6 pm. working days. Call 612-9453 for more information.