Best Buy Car Stereo Installation, Google’s Phone App Gets Smarter About Spam Calls

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Best Buy Car Stereo Installation – This week, Google quietly updated the Phone app on Android to encourage suspected spam calls directly into voicemail. This is a strong improvement over previous behavior. But I want to see them take it even further.

Here’s what happened.

Until now, the Google Phone app has been shown against a red background when a suspect’s spam incoming call. To close it, just slide down on the screen, and the call will go into voicemail. In my experience, the resulting voice message will dwell for about 3 seconds, and only see that it is basically a confirmation that the call is spam.

Best Buy Car Stereo Installation

So that’s good. But now you can enable new features in the Phone app that will automatically push these suspected spam calls to voicemail. How you do it is explained on the Google support page: Open the Phone app and navigate to More (“…”)> Settings> Caller ID & spam. Then, under Filter spam calls, enable the “Prevent suspected spam from disturbing you” feature.

So, that’s good too: There is not a more annoying phone ringing sound and manual push from the call to voice mail. I know about this change from The Verge, and I’m happy to configure my phone to reduce the hassle.

How bad? Today, spam account calls for about 90 percent of calls I receive, I’m sure. Looking at the last ten calls I received, I only saw one that was not spam (from my dentist). All 10 of my latest 10 voicemails are 2 to 4 seconds and are spam. (The 11th, from June 16th, a month ago, came from Best Buy, which warned me to complete the installation of car stereos.)

So I’m glad Google is trying to fix this. But let me take this step further.

Google, if the resulting voice message is only a duration of three seconds, never show an app alert Phone. And if the same phone number leaves some empty 3-second voice messages, assume it’s spam and never let the call reach my mailbox. This shit must end.