Best Used Cars Under 8000, Best used cars for sale under $7000

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Best Used Cars Under 8000 – In buying a cheap used car, you potentially buy other people’s problems, but there’s no easy way to know if the car you have to own will be your ideal drive, or a lemon set that causes you nothing but hurt.

All you can do is minimize the risk of buying the wrong car by doing your homework to identify the best used car in Australia.

Best Used Cars Under 8000

There is a lot of information out there that is the most reliable cheap car even years after leaving the factory.

In simple terms, you have to buy the latest car you can afford, the best car, at least a kilometer away, and have a perfect service history.

Begin by researching the cars that fall within your budget; do not limit your search to your favorite brand or model; You must enter it all at the beginning.

There is a lot of information out there that is the most reliable cheap car even years after leaving the factory.

Find out which car is in trouble with the issues you should worry about, which you should avoid, to live in the most reliable cheap used cars.

You can quickly check their performance, fuel efficiency, security, reliability, and current market value.

After completing your homework, you can start shopping for a good cheap car, confident that you are equipped with the best information available.

When you are looking for the second best car under $ 7,000, you should see an older car, a car that may have done several hundred thousand kilometers, and may have a number of owners, some of whom will treat it well, others may not.

As the year progresses, chances are it is not involved in the party.

It may seem scary at first, but with a little homework, and our expert advice can help you avoid the trap of buying a cheap used car.

After choosing a car to buy you should be checked by a mechanic or someone you know who has the mechanical knowledge to judge appropriately.

The state auto organization will check the car for you, and some local mechanics will also assess them. While it will cost you a few dollars, the peace of mind it gives you is invaluable.

In this guide for the best used cars in Australia we help you find the most reliable cheap used car.

It may seem scary at first, but with a little homework, and our expert advice can help you avoid the trap of buying cheap used cars for under $ 7000.

While we set a price limit above $ 7000, examples can often be found under $ 5000.

Lightest / Smallest Car Best

People on a limited budget often buy it, and sometimes they feel incapable of defending them on the journey of ownership. Worse, some often do not care to take care of them well. Check the regular service records.

Hyundai Getz – 2002-2011

Having been ridiculed as a brand-building for price and little else, Hyundai made great strides in quality, reliability and refinement in the early part of this century, while still maintaining a value-for-money proposition. The Getz is a fuel efficient, practical, inexpensive for service, and provides little trouble if properly treated.

Body: hatch three doors, five-door hatch
Engine: 1.4-liter four-cylinder; 1.6 liter four-cylinder
Transmission: Four speed automatic; Men 5 speed
Fuel Economy: 6.2-7.0L / 100km
Safety: 3-star ANCAP
Price: $ 1,000- $ 6900

Mitsubishi Colt – 2007-2010

Not the prettiest, or the most exciting car to drive, but the box shape and the high stance are fabricated to maximize cabin space. With five sliding doors and rear seats full-sized adults find themselves comfortable enough accommodated in spacious interiors. The cheap and hard plastic used makes it less attractive. Look for good fuel consumption, decent fit and finish, and good on-road behavior, but a unique CVT auto demands careful pre-purchase valuation.

Body: five-door hatch
Engine: 1.5 liter four-cylinder
Transmission: Human five speed, CVT
Fuel economy: 5.6-5.9L / 100km
Safety: 3-star ANCAP
Price: $ 3000- $ 7000

Suzuki Swift – 2005-2009

With its naughty and delightful looks small hatch is hailed as one of the nicer little cars when it’s launched. Long admired for the high level of technology used even in its small cars, Suzuki produces guards at Swift. Praise lifted on responsive driving dynamics, fuel-efficient engines, easy cabin access, safety, and extensive features, including dual front airbags and ABS brakes.

Body: five-door hatch
Engine: 1.5 liter four-cylinder
Transmission: Human five speed; four speed automatic
Fuel economy: 6.3-6.6L / 100km
Security: 4-star ANCAP
Price: $ 2500- $ 7000

Best Medium Car

Along with SUVs, the intermediate models are the cars that go into the market today for people who want to save money, and there are plenty of options.

Toyota Camry – 2007-2008

Considered vastly bland and boring, but to ignore it based on its appearance is undervalue of medium-sized Toyota. Look at the incredible look and you’ll find it well designed and built, safe, and real reliable, with a good resale when it comes to selling it, even with high odometer readings. There’s nothing to worry about when buying a Camry; as long as you follow the basic rules of condition, kilometer, and service, you can not go wrong.

Body: Four-door sedan
Engine: 2.4-liter four-cylinder
Transmission: Man five speed, five speed automatic
Fuel Economy: 8.9-9.9 L / 100km
Security: 4-star ANCAP
Price: $ 4000- $ 7000

Subaru Liberty – 2003-2007

Liberty has long been regarded as a cut above the rest with its all-wheel drive grip that adds another level to its security credentials. Well-built and generally reliable, with five-star safety, Liberty’s fourth gene is the car for the long haul.

Body: Four-door sedan
Engine: 2.5 liter 4-cylinder
Transmission: Human five speed
Fuel economy: 9.0L / 100km
Security: 5 star ANCAP
Price: $ 2500- $ 7000

Honda Accord Euro – 2003-2007

Of all the Asian brands, Honda has the credibility to stand above the crowd; cars like the Euro Accord are able to withstand their own with an equivalent European model. The Euro Accord is a player in the prestige arena; it’s well built, reliable and durable, and drives and performs well.

Body: Four-door sedan
Engine: 2.4 liter 4-cylinder
Transmission: Six-speed man, five-speed automatic
Fuel economy: 9.1L / 100km
Security: 4-star ANCAP
Price: $ 3400- $ 7000

Best Big Car

With a rush to smaller cars and new-age models like SUVs, big cars no longer like whether they are new or used.

It makes buyers look for cheap used cars that can be relied upon in the driver’s seat if they are ready to bid hard.

Toyota Aurion – 2006

Momentum changes when Australians slump from their traditional big cars to smaller cars, and to SUVs, too heavy for Toyota Aurion to fight. Like the Camry, it’s a bit boring, but it has all the things that make Toyota a brand. Build quality, tick, reliability, tick, cabin space, tick, security, tick, resale, tick. Buy it? Fleas.

Body: Four-door sedan
Engine: 3.5 liter V6
Transmission: Automatic six-speed
Fuel economy: 9.9 L / 100 km
Security: 4-star ANCAP
Price: $ 4000- $ 7000

Ford Falcon BFII – 2006-2008

BFII is one of the best Falcons. It’s not as sweet as the next FG, but most of its base is closed. A straightforward, robust sound design, with a six-cylinder bulletproof engine, and without any serious flaw, BFII is the car for the long haul. Fuel consumption is a problem, it’s high in today’s terms, but it can happily be converted to LPG to save a few dollars.

Body: Four-door sedan
Engine: 4.0 liter six cylinder
Transmission: Man five speed, four speed automatic, six speed automatic
Fuel economy: 10.7L / 100 km
Security: 4-star ANCAP
Price: $ 2700- $ 6500