Best Car Audio Amplifier, The Wind Tunnel Tire speaker is perfect for music-loving car guys

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Best Car Audio Amplifier – When it comes to tires, noise is usually not something to be proud of. The less you hear inside the cabin, the better. People want their tire noise calm, smooth and smooth – a concept that Pirelli spins upside down with the release of the Wind Tunnel Tire speakers.

Collaboration with Italian high-end car audio specialist IXOOST, Wind Tunnel Tire speakers inspired by a good, wind tunnel – a tool used by F1 racing teams and car manufacturers to perform aerodynamic testing.

Best Car Audio Amplifier

Pirelli called the product “mini-tires that set new design and technology standards, go their own way when it comes to music.” Frankly, we just thought it would be a good part for any cave or man’s car garage. It will fit perfectly, and you have many colors to choose from: Soft Yellow, Supersoft Red, Hard Ice Blue, Intermediate Green, and more.

These speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, pack a 100 watt digital signal processor, amplifier, and midwoofer 100mm. There are many handicrafts to admire as well. So whether you just want a new center to show off or want to blow up a song while you’re working on a trip, the Wind Tunnel Tire speakers you’ve discussed.

There is no price anymore, but because Pirelli’s marketing (only rich people still have shelves filled with encyclopedias), this will cost a lot. Are you going to buy this?