Best Cold Weather Car Battery, Cold weather and your car

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Best Cold Weather Car Battery – Believe it or not but cold weather can have a big effect on your car. And that’s not good.

We will pass through the winter so read further to find out what happens to your car in the cold and how to keep it going during the winter.

Best Cold Weather Car Battery

According to SA Automotive Association:

CAR BATTERIES tend to give more problems during the winter because the increase in amps is pulled by a starter to crank a cold engine.

Keep your car battery clean by wiping the terminal with warm soapy water (not hot) and clean the acid or dirt pile, which can cause the battery to be faster.

Secure your car battery properly to make sure it does not move under the hood.

Charge your car battery regularly.

Tires: The tires used are very dangerous in all conditions, but these dangers can be multiplied in wet, snowy, and cold weather.

LIGHT: As the day gets colder, the night gets longer. so check that all your lights work so you do not get caught in the dark. Make sure your car’s lights are working properly and you always turn off the lights when you reach the destination. If you can, park your vehicle facing the wall – the reflection of the light will act as a reminder to turn it off.

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