Best Buy Install Car Stereo, Best Buy launches a Geek Squad fix-it subscription service

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Best Buy Install Car Stereo – Best Buy Co. Inc. launched a subscription service for Best Buy’s technical support unit, betting that the complexity of smart homes and connected devices will create demand for offers that go beyond one-off repairs.

The Star Tribune has a report on a new service, called Total Tech Support, that Richfield, Minn. Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) was introduced nationwide this week after testing the idea in Canada and several dozen US stores ending since last fall.

Best Buy Install Car Stereo

The service, which runs $ 200 per year, provides phone, online, and offsite assistance that is not limited to basic tasks like home network setup, car stereo installation, and basic data recovery tasks. Home visits to install theater equipment or performing more complex tasks will cost $ 50.

Best Buy says about 230,000 people have signed up for Total Technical Support services in existing markets so far.

Best Buy has been tinkering with the Geek Squad concept for several years now. Created as a fix-it mobile power, the role of service “agents” continues to increase along with customer dependence on increasingly complex technologies.

Outside of direct revenue from repair services, Best Buy also started using the house as a kind of second-floor sales. In 2016 launches home-based consulting programs in multiple markets by 2016. In this program, Best Buy’s advisors visit customers’ homes to offer advice on setting up a faster Wi-Fi network or smart home devices.

Last summer, he restructured Geek Squad further, eliminating hundreds of long-distance jobs to free more workers to provide services in shops or home calls.

The idea has not been lost on Best Buy’s rival. Inc. based in Seattle (NASDAQ: AMZN) has built its own technical service team in several markets, and specifically attracts Geek Squad agents for recruiting them.