Best Car Extended Warranty, Datsun Cars Get Unique Unlimited Kilometre Extended Warranty

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Best Car Extended Warranty – Celebrating its fifth year in India, Datsun has announced that it will offer all its cars with a 5-year warranty package. What’s interesting is that it offers unlimited mileage guarantees on important parts over a period of time, unlike other manufacturers (eg, Maruti Suzuki offers a 5 year / 1.000.000 km extended warranty). While the new car will be sold with this offer as a standard, existing customers will not be able to take advantage of this offer even at a cost.

The extended warranty package is part of the new ‘Peace of Mind’ service package for its cars. This includes 24×7 roadside assistance, free insurance, free drop and drop for normal services and offers for government employees (including former employees). The Datsun series of cars in India include Go hatchback, Go + compact-MPV and the new compact-hatchback (ish) redi-GO.

Best Car Extended Warranty

Datsun has tried to attract more customers by offering a better after-sales experience to them. In May 2017, Datsun introduced a 3-5 year maintenance package for Datsun Care ‘for redi-GO in an effort to increase its appeal.

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Datsun introduced the first five kilometers of indefinite warranty in India so far

The ‘Peace of Mind’ package offers 5 standard services with each Datsun car

New Delhi, India (July 04, 2018) – Celebrating its fifth anniversary in India since it was revealed, Datsun has launched a ‘Peace of mind’ package for a no-hassle ownership experience. Available to Datsun redi-GO, GO, and GO + customers across the country, this will be the first five-year class warranty package offered by Datsun.

Commenting on the occasion, Jerome Saigot, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. “As Datsun, our goal is to deliver optimum value to our customers in India not only through Japanese engineering and technology in our products but also through pleasant experience after sales.” With our new offer of “Peace of mind”, we take the responsibility responsible to provide a seamless ownership experience that progressively enhances the promise of progressive mobility to our customers. ”

Focusing on answering consumer expectations in India, ‘Peace of mind’ will serve as a comprehensive service package set up to offer a range of services that include 24×7 road assistance, free insurance, free pickup and dropping facilities along with a special scheme for government employees either in service and pensions.

5 years / unlimited miles warranty: The best in class 5 years warranty with no kilometer limit. Maintains the technical health of all cars with coverage for engines, AC Compressor, ECU, Alternator, Shock absorber, and more.

Free Insurance: Bringing customers concerns about cars in the event of an accident and providing peace of mind during the first year of your ownership.

Special offer: Special Scheme for Government employees in both service and pensions

Side Side Assistance: Free side street assistance, towed to the nearest Nissan-Datsun workshop. 24×7 customer helpline, lost key assistance, fuel assistance, battery jump start and hotel and taxi arrangements in case of emergency-related disruptions.

Pick and drop Free: Pick and free off for car for service at Nissan-Datsun authorized workshop.

An important advantage of this package is that the package is transferable to the new owner, if the car is sold to others during the ownership period. Not only this, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the Peace of Mind applies at all Nissan-Datsun touch points across the country.