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Best Used Car App – Traveling can be a big deal, with plenty of room for discomfort and errors. But while there’s not much you can do about late departures, surly gate officers, or foul-smelling people who somehow always sit right next to you, there are ways you can make your next business trip less enjoyable – all thanks to that handy little gadget in your pocket.

The selection of Android travel apps has been really taken over the past few years, and the Google Play Store now offers a series of titles that really benefit travel professionals. After placing many prominent candidates for this test, this is an app that I recommend to keep on your smartphone and keep arm’s reach every time your next job gets you hit the road or blow the (allegedly) friendly sky.

Best Used Car App

(All apps are free unless specified otherwise.)

Plan and prepare

Organize your packaging process

PackPoint is a jin travel organization. You simply tell them where you are going, when and what you are going to do – and the app generates a detailed list of the items suggested for your suitcase.

You can add your own items to the list, as needed, and then use them as a guide to make sure you remember everything, all the time.

PackPoint is free, with a one-time $ 3 optional upgrade that removes ads and gives you the ability to create your own custom packaging templates. The paid version of the app is also integrated with TripIt (more on the time), which means it can automatically import your itinerary and create a packing list even before you ask.

Be prepared for local navigation

Yes, yes, I know: You know very well about Google Maps. But what you may not realize – or may have just forgotten – is with a little planning, you can download all the data you need to travel directly to the previous Maps. That way, you can navigate to your heart’s content, even in areas without strong mobile data signals, and you can avoid burning through unnecessary mobile data on the road.

Here’s how: When you’re still in the comfort of your home or office, open Maps on your phone and find the city you’re visiting. You should see its name appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen along with a link labeled “More Info.”

Tap “More Info,” then tap “Download” on the screen that appears. Repeat as needed for additional places on your agenda, then be calm knowing your navigation guide will be there and waiting – no matter what conditions you are facing.


Manage your air travel

TripIt is a traveling companion of air travel, and it will make your life easier in some meaningful way – especially if you are flying in a reasonable amount.

In essence, TripIt allows you to forward other travel-related email and email schedules to a special address – or, if you wish, give it direct access to your inbox so you can find and process such emails yourself – and then extract all relevant details and organize it into a clean and easy to follow master schedule.

Where TripIt really shines, though, is with TripIt Pro service $ 49 per year (which you can try through a free 30 day trial). The service gives you real-time flight updates throughout your journey – often beating notifications by the airline’s own apps, in my experience, as well as updates for terminal monitors.

Beyond that, TripIt Pro makes it a simple die to find alternative flights at any point in your adventure. If the connection is canceled or delayed, all it takes is a few tap to see what other flights are available – even down to a certain seat – on your current airline or elsewhere. On a recent trip I made to Boston, which helped me stay one step ahead of the gate agent when a late departure made my flight in danger.

TripIt Pro comes with several other benefits, too, such as a one-time $ 25 credit to LoungeBuddy for airport lounge access. But the notification and alternative flight seekers are what really makes the app invaluable – a must-have for any frequent flier or business traveler.

Find the best flight

Forget all the clumsy and sensational flight apps and services. Instead, open your Chrome Android browser and navigate to Google Aviation. OK, OK, technically this is not an Android app, but the Google flight service makes it very easy to search for flights across all airlines. You can save or share potential travel plans and then book your trip directly with any airline (or flight) you choose.

Pro tip: If you want to make the app more accessible, tap on the Chrome three-dot menu icon when viewing the website and select “Add to home screen”. That will give you icons like the more traditional mobile apps that can then pull the tool with a single tap.

Explore the airport

FLIO does a lot of different things, but the function you want is its ability to act as your guide to airports around the world. As soon as you land, the app will be filled with all sorts of info relevant to your terminal – interactive maps, feeding suggestions, and detailed instructions on connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots available in the area. It allows you to find and book access to the airport lounge, as well, and even book rental cars and parking lots in multiple locations.

FLIO also presents occasional discounts for stores and services. On a recent trip to Boston, for example, an offer appeared for a $ 5 discount at the spa at my connecting terminal (though unfortunately I did not give coupons for a taco, which was much more urgent needed).

Accelerate your border entry

If you are traveling abroad – and have a valid passport from the US or Canada – the Mobile Passport app can save you valuable time when you enter the US by letting you send your passport info and customs declaration form through the app on landing and then skip the regular line on your way through border patrol.

Regardless of the name, the app does not change your passport; You still need to carry it with you. And do not worry: It’s authorized by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency and fully legitimate.