Best Car Paint Brand, How to keep your car’s paint scratch-free

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Best Car Paint Brand – but for my money, all the coolest cars are black.

Batmobile. Mercury James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause.” KITT of “Knight Rider.”

But Hasselhoff will look a lot less cool if his paint work done by Trans Am is permanently polluted by small scratches and blobs due to careless washing of the car.

Best Car Paint Brand

Because black is the second most popular car color on the planet behind the white, and the best part of having a black car in the first place is catching your shadow in a deep, dark, mirrorlike light, we think we’ll show you the proper washing technique before you do something for your new journey that you will regret.

Now, black paint does not scratch more easily than other colors, it just appears more because of the white appearance of the clear coat when scratched – usually the result of careless leaching, because even small dirt particles can cause damage as you grind them into the paint.

Similarly, avoid spinning spinning brushes on automatic car washing, or even professional hand washing where you do not know their representatives. Better free touch – and best to do it yourself.

First, remove as much dirt as possible before being scrubbed, with a high-pressure hose.
Use two buckets to keep the water rinsed dirty and clean the soapy water apart to prevent fragments polluting the water that rubs you.
Do not use dish soap to clean your car! It could remove your candle or sealant. Instead of buying a car wash solution intended for the job, which minimizes friction.
Use a high-quality chenille mitt microfiber, starting from the top of the car, dropping you off, and rinse the holster in your water bucket to remove the dirt as you go.
You can even look for Grit Guard to trap raw in your rinse basket so it does not end up back in your gloves.
To dry, use a scratch-resistant microfiber towel, but do not just drag it to the surface.
Put the cloth over the wet and pat, or at least use gentle, slow, and soft movements.
Or, if no one has time for it … use a blower leaf.