Best Beginner Rc Car, Best RC cars: The best remote control cars from just £120

The Best Hobby-Grade Rc Cars Or Trucks For A Beginner - Best Beginner Rc Car

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Best Beginner Rc Car – Find out the best RC car money can buy in 2017 and learn how to choose the perfect radio-control train for you

RC cars provide plenty of quick-time fun: either in your local park, sandy beach or a barn at the end of your path. This small-sized vehicle is not just a very fast speed; they also have the same driving characteristics of their full size alternatives.

Best Beginner Rc Car

It was when the RC car was just a strange favorite toy has long passed. You do not need a degree engineer to build things up again, the days of piles of cables, plastics and metal scraps have long gone. You see, we are not all rocket scientists, and RC cars are now getting ready-running (RTR) right out of the box lately. Just open the box, refill it and let it tear.

Most of these electric RTR cars are packed with everything you need to make it all happen. There are remote controllers, batteries and chargers all included. Even the Nitro-fueled car is ready to build for your driving pleasure.

Radio controlled cars come in different shapes and sizes, so many may seem a little scary when choosing the right RC car for you. We’re here to get rid of the hassle of your store.

You see, our experience tells us that RC off-road car offers the best bang for your buck. There is always a bit of green space to drive around your view, and for that reason we focus on the best out-of-buggies and truggies (half train / half truck) below.

All the engines featured here have one thing in common … everything is assembled in the factory so you can start having fun right from the start.

How to choose the best radio control train for you

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an electric or nitro train. Nitro cars run on a mixture of methanol and nitromethane that smells sweet and rejuvenating among fans. Nitro cars are noisy and often more powerful than their electric counterparts but their machines do require a lot of care and tuning. In contrast, most electric cars are not fast enough (unless you choose a motor without a brush) but they are easier for beginners to get a handle and they also run much more quietly.

What size or scale of RC car should I buy?

The next thing to decide is the size of the car. The RC model comes in various scales such as 1: 8, 1:10 and 1:14. However, 1: 8 (or 1/8 scale) is the most popular standard and the most commonly mentioned measure when speaking RC models. The average 1/8 scale RC buggy is about 500mm long while the 1 / 10th scale train measures about 400mm. Of course, the higher the scale, the smaller the vehicle.

Most RC trains are available in two wheel drive or 4WD
configuration. Two-wheel drive vehicles are easier to repair in the event of an accident but not with their 4WD peers.

What are the pros and cons of RC electric cars?


The electric car is easy to use and is the best choice for beginners.
Much faster than nitro to get up and running.
The electric motor is quiet so much more suitable for public and public park use.
If you can afford it, use a brushless motor that produces an incredible speed velocity – faster in many ways than the majority of nitro-powered cars.
Easy to clean.


The average electric train battery ran out of juice after about 12 minutes.
LiPo batteries are extra expensive and can take up to 90 minutes to charge.
Repairs can be expensive if something goes wrong.
What are the pros and cons of RC nitro car?


Nitro cars can run all day because all they need is top up of nitro fuel between lines (nitro methanol is easily available in most hobby shops).
They are more exciting to drive just because they make a remarkable racket. The sweet smell emitted by the exhaust is also strangely fun, even if it is attached to someone’s nostrils.
They are usually faster than their battery-powered brothers.


Nitro car is not the best choice for beginners.

Their machine must go through the process – usually four or five decent tanks – while sitting on a brick so the wheels do not touch the ground when you periodically turn off the engine.
They are much more temperamental than battery powered cars and require tweaking of fuel mixtures frequently which can be frustrating.
You have to carry a bottle of nitro fuel and a glowing starter.
Nitro can be very messy to make the car difficult to clean.

Do brushless motors make a big difference?

Nitro cars are used to win all the speed prizes until the brushless motor comes along. The brushed motor is still suitable for most sub-£ 200 electric trains and is highly capable of providing off-road sensations. However, for the top speed, spend a little more and get a car equipped with a brushless motor. Without going to science, brushless motors are much more energy efficient and more durable. Perhaps more importantly, they were able to start a 1/8 scale car at speeds in excess of 60mph, and that was often faster than the majority of nitro cars.

Which one is better: NiMh battery, NiCd or LiPo?

Most cars today use Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries that are four times more energy efficient and much more durable than Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH). LiPo batteries are much lighter and have more power. They also have higher discharge rates, and that means higher speed and better torque.

What happens if I manage to break something?

There are many different RC car brands out there but not all of them are available in the UK. If possible, choose a model that is also sold by a UK-specific RC model website. Most of the website models stock various spare parts for a particular model. These include suspension arms, springs, shocks, fuel tanks, speed controllers, screws, nuts and bolts. Given that you will almost certainly crash from time to time, having easy access to many parts will make your hobby more enjoyable and more durable.