Best Double Din Car Stereo, This car stereo has Android Auto and CarPlay for $137

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Best Double Din Car Stereo – Think you can not afford Android Auto or CarPlay stereo for your car? Think again.

Fast Backstory: Two years ago I bought a Mustang Converter mid-2008. It came with a decent aftermarket stereo, although the screen was a bit scratched and it did not play very well with my iPhone.

Best Double Din Car Stereo

I really want to redeem it with CarPlay stereo, but I will not spend $ 400 or more for the privilege. Then I found this DIN-double Kmoon K5980 7-inch car stereo with Android Auto and CarPlay for $ 136.99 shipped. Way, way, too good to be true, right? I decided to roll the dice.

Needless to say, this will only work in vehicles that have room for it. Fortunately for me, it fits perfectly in the Mustang. I work with a local car-audio guy who charges me $ 125 for installation (painful considering the cost of the stereo itself, but expected). It’s possible you can do this yourself if you know your way around the car, but I need a professional.

I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about it, because it’s not the kind of thing you can undo easily if it’s a bad product – not without spending $ 125 more.

Good news: I’m happy with the stereo, although I definitely have some warnings. This is my first exposure to CarPlay (I have not really messed up the Auto Android function yet), and I really like it. All infotainment systems on the dashboard should be as cool and smart. The large, friendly icons make it easy to access my selected Maps, Spotify, and podcast players, Overcast.

One thing I did not realize was that CarPlay only works if you plug in your phone. So now there is an extra step, plus Lightning cable running on my dashboard. Some newer and more expensive models can do it via Bluetooth, but not with this Kmoon.

The stereo itself works pretty well, but I have one major complaint: The screen is on the dim side, even with the maximum brightness turned on. (You get what you pay for, in this case.) And when the top is down, forget it: I can barely see the screen at all. Sure, it’s a problem with the previous stereo too, but this one is worse.

The dim screen is very annoying to me when I back off, as it’s harder to see what camera backup (as well as aftermarket) see. And I do not know if a wire is crossed or anything, but the color is rather short: Green grass now looks purple on the screen.

So, will I recommend Kmoon K5980? Yes, but with a reservation. It’s literally hundreds of dollars less than most Android Auto and CarPlay units, and it provides more of the same infotainment experience with more expensive models. The screen is not too bright, something to consider if you have a convertible. And advertisers may refuse to work with products they do not sell and serve.

Your mind?

Bonus deal: Droid R2-D2 supported by Sphero app is widely considered extraordinary, but what if your tendency is slightly leaning to the dark side? There’s a droid for it.

For a limited time, Best Buy has Sphero R2-Q5 for $ 49.99 shipped (plus taxes). Wait: R2-Q5? He is basically a jet black, accented R2-D2 gold, or “evil cousin” R2, if you prefer. Regular Price: $ 200!

I think the cute factor is a bit lower, here, if only because Q5 does not make the same happy babbling and happiness. Conversely, the sound effects are more muted. More … Empire-ish.

But he still does all the same cool tricks as R2, including watching (and reacting to) Star Wars movies. I’m not quite a big fan of paying $ 200 for this, but $ 50? Soooooo teases.