Best Wagon Cars, Mercedes-AMG E63 vs. Audi RS6: Which 600-Horse Wagon Is Best?

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Best Wagon Cars – If you want a super fast cart in the US, you have one choice: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon. In Europe, however, Audi has an alternative in the form of Avant RS6. Both are paired with about 600 horsepower with four-wheel traction, and all the practicality you’ll ever need. So which one is the best?

Although both are very similar on paper, it is not a fair fight. The RS6 has now been manufactured since 2013, and will soon be replaced, while the E63 is fresh to market. Henry Catchpole of Carfection says AMG feels more modern inside, and more agile on track. But RS6 put up a strong fight, with charm and a hard to resist appearance.

Best Wagon Cars

Audi is a better remote explorer, too, while AMG is less relaxed, trying to do the best impression of a smaller sports car. And can you really lose well? As Catchpole explains, these are the two best cars that do everything. The answer to the question, “if you can only have one car for the rest of your life …”

But for us, the E63 is the winner by default, until Audi decides to bring RS6 Avant to the US.