The Best Car Battery, ‘Right now, battery tech can’t give us the McLaren of EVs’

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The Best Car Battery – The best and most inspiring moment of the latest Goodwood Festival of Speed? Watch a Formula Three car piloted by one of the fastest drivers on the weekend – Billy Monger, who relies on a hand throttle to accelerate, and one of his prosthetic legs to brake. Lewis Hamilton soon retired, so can Billy, 19, be his heir? I hope so.

At the other end of the scale, the worst and saddest moment is the emergence of a slow and tedious ‘boring’ car roborace that drives itself. There is nothing wrong with autonomous vehicles for those who can not or do not want to drive. However, if technology without drivers is the way motor racing is headed, it dies.

While this is the highest and lowest in Goodwood, McLaren Automotive is self-confident, single-minded and naughty-looking is not as polite as ever. This is a very happy company working in leafy Woking who proudly marks ‘Made in Surrey, England’ in his car. He insists he will never build SUVs because his customers are happy with their Range Rover. So why not go half way and, along with JLR, do McRange? It worked.

“Maybe it can,” said the director of McLaren at dinner at Goodwood. “However, we have no space, financial needs or desire to build SUVs. But most importantly, our customers did not ask us to get it. They want us to focus on medium sports and supercar cars. “Fair enough.

But McLarens like that about £ 100,000 and more. Baby McLaren for Porsche Boxster money would be nice? “McLaren at a price of less than £ 100k will not be a true McLaren, because the technology, expertise, and capabilities attached to our car can not be combined for less than our current entry point. And before you ask, there is no plan for a van, “my man said with a grin.

Is McLaren’s poor run in Formula One making buyers lose their car? My insider added: “It seems not because we have not won the F1 championship since we started building a road car. And apparently we’re pretty successful at it. ”

Pure electric vehicle – this is something that does not evoke the current Woking outfit. “Currently battery technology can not give us what we need to make McLaren of EVs,” he told me. “For the EV to be a McLaren, it should be able to do 10 laps of the Nardo test track on a single charge and not weigh two tons. We have begun researching fast and light batteries, which may mean you see McLaren EVS towards the end of our Track25 business plan. ”

So that’s 2025, the latest. But McLaren is a company that deliberately pegs its production figures to remain exclusive. The gasoline-electric car can not be without, but pure electricity can. At least for the next five to seven years.