Best Mid Range Speakers Car Audio, Are You a Party Person? Let’s Help You Pick a Good Speaker System

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Best Mid Range Speakers Car Audio – You do not have to be a music lover to choose a great set of speakers for your home. Sony MHC V81D and JVC RV-Y40 are two speakers that basically meet the same purpose, but at a completely different price and size level. And both come with the integration of party lights, for the purpose of holding a party according to their size.

While MHC V81D is more of a party speaker, JVC RV-Y40 is more like something you keep in your room for a good audio experience.

Best Mid Range Speakers Car Audio

The Sony MHC V81D is a great 3.5 foot speaker that looks like a large vertical master boombox. It looks great and has five speakers and two tweeters up front, along with an air vent at the bottom. It’s somewhat rounded than edgy which although makes lifting speakers a bit of a task, it comes with a wheel at the bottom to move it.

The JVC also looks cruel and looks like a bomb with the lights on, the speakers are made with good quality plastic and are easily removed as well.

Sony speaker is a complete technology fest. With things like full touch control panel and motion control, this is probably the most compelling speaker I’ve ever used. It has got a DJ mode that mixes sample sound with music to let you act like a DJ, using motion control. Other modes, Taiko mode transforms the speakers into drums.

The JVC on the other hand, is more of a simple product. But given its size and price, it still offers many things that this speaker can not offer. Take Karaoke mode for example – connect the microphone and do your own Karaoke session. It also has guitar input and battery powered, giving it a top hand in the portability factor.

Both speakers have good sound quality. Sony MHC V81D uses four 4-cm tweeter, two 10-cm and two mid-range 12-cm speakers and 30-cm sub-woofer for audio. That’s enough to blow up any roof!

The JVC on the other hand, also has good sound quality. You can set bass and treble as well as sound modes on it. Sound is more than enough to start a small party.

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