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Best Value Used Cars – The number of used cars bought and sold in Ireland fell by 6pc during the first half of 2018, new figures from the event.

Only 359,187 pre-owned vehicles were moved from January to June this year, down from 381,435 at the midpoint of 2017.

Skoda Octavia was found to have the best value retention of the best-selling 2014/15 car and is now worth € 13,601 on the resale market, the average depreciation is only 31 percent.

Volkswagen Golf (€ 14,405) is behind with an average depreciation of 32pc, followed by Nissan Qashqai (14,271, -40pc), VW Passat (€ 15,291, -46pc) and Ford Focus (€ 12,748, -49pc).

Nine of the top 10 most popular brands in the used car market of Ireland experienced a decline in sales in the first six months of this year, with only ninth Hyundai experiencing a 1-0 increase in second-hand sales.

Volkswagen remains the most popular used car brand, with 48,166 vehicles on Irish roads changing hands this year, and Toyota (41,412), Ford (40,018), Nissan (23, 954) and Opel (18.230) completing the top five.

German brands Audi and BMW are sixth and seventh, with Hyundai flanking between French car manufacturers Renault and Peugeot. Despite making the vehicle with the best value retention, Skoda finished beyond the top 10.

The study showed a 17pc decline and a 3% increase in the number of searches for diesel and gasoline vehicles and 217pc and 132pc bumps in search for electric and hybrid models from year to year.

That’s supported by the rapidly increasing number of searches for the used Tesla car at, which is almost twice that from 5,403 to 10,124 since January 2017.

Adam Ferguson of said: ‘In the last six months alone, we have seen over 100 million monthly car searches done by car buyers involved at

‘One of the most interesting stories of data in this report is the obvious trend that has emerged in the electric car market, both from the number of users looking for electric cars but also from the sharp increase in the volume of electric cars the ads are placed on. ‘