Best Way To Buy Used Car, OfferUp Keys In On Used Car Market With the Launch of OfferUp Autos

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Best Way To Buy Used Car – OfferUp, the largest US mobile market for local purchases and sales, today launched OfferUp Autos, a new product offering that gives users the same seamless experience they get in their daily shopping experience, but tailored to meet the needs of used car buyers, , and dealers. OfferUp Autos is available now, with additional features launched in the coming weeks.

“Today, we estimate that nearly 10% of used car sales in the country are flowing through OfferUp, so launching OfferUp Autos to give people a better car buying and selling experience makes sense,” said Nick Huzar, CEO and co-founder OfferUp. . “OfferUp Autos leverages the organic traction and growth we have experienced over the last few years and builds simplicity into a largely fragmented and slow process.Because consumers continue to embrace cellular commerce, we know there is a great chance for independent sellers and dealers to start meeting them where they are. ”

Since 2011, OfferUp has paved the way for simpler and more reliable ways to buy and sell locally. As their market grows, “Cars & Trucks” quickly become the top three for them. OfferUp Autos improves simplicity and reduces friction in the process of buying and selling cars. Features include:

For Buyer:

Explore more inventory and involve multiple vehicles from both independent sellers and dealers without giving out personal info
Find the best deals nearby and connect with dealers instantly and anonymously with “click-2-call,” keep your personal contact info safe
AutoCheck Leverage, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports®, and VinAudit to access vehicle history information
Take advantage of OfferUp’s focus and dedication to build a trusted and more secure market through sellers and dealer ratings and reviews

For Sellers:

Access to over 7 million shoppers looking for cars and trucks within a year
Improved auto-fill capability to help you post quickly and make your list of cars interesting and stand out from the rest
View potential buyer profile profiles to gain insight into their online reputation
Independent sellers can post their listing for free and have access to optional promotional tools like “Bump” and “Promote”

For Dealer:

Sync and manage your inventory easily, saving you time
Set up an authorized dealer profile with your Verified Dealer badge, your location and your hours, and the “About Us” section to help distinguish from the competition
Reach buyers at optimal times in your area with automated posts powered by insights into the data of OfferUp data
Connect with over 7 million instantly attracted buyers with “click-2-call”

Embracing the real-time connections made possible by the mobile market, dealers in OfferUp report increased foot traffic and sales. Statistics show that over 30% of cars sold on OfferUp will be sold in two days or less and more than 50% of sold cars will be sold in less than a week. This is what the OfferUp dealer offersUp Autos offer:

“OfferUp Autos gives us a return on investment In our first month we sold four cars and we are currently discussing two additional transactions.The key to generating sales in the automotive industry is to lead and get people through the door, and the OfferUp has led to an increase in prospects, generate more sales. “-Brian Paul, Bill Korum Puyallup Nissan, Puyallup, WA

“We have buyers coming from OfferUp all the time, and for us, extra foot traffic has led to an increase in sales and you can not beat the price compared to other sites out there.” -Perry Sasson, Kosher Motors, Hollywood, FL

For more information or to apply to the OfferUp dealer program, go to

About OfferUp

OfferUp is dedicated to building the simplest and most reliable way for people to buy and sell in their communities. As the largest and fastest growing mobile market for local buyers and sellers in the US, the company offers iOS and Android apps that make selling items as easy as taking pictures from your mobile device. This private company is based in Bellevue, WA. and is supported by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Warburg Pincus, GGV Capital, T Rowe Price and Coatue Management. For more information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.