The Best Car To Buy, Toyota Prius Name A Best Car To Buy Now by U.S. News Autos – Here’s Why

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The Best Car To Buy – US News & Autos The World Report performs monthly searches for outstanding car deals as special. A very good buyer offering who is considering buying in the near future should take it seriously. To create a monthly list of U.S. News, the car must meet three criteria: decreased sales, strong producer incentives, and excellent scores in the Best US Car rankings. On the latest list of 8 Cars To Buy Now, the publication selects the Prius as the only green car chosen.

Prius is no stranger to the US News special list. Jamie Page Deaton, Managing Editor for Autos US News, told us, “It always looks like the Prius is on our list.” In April, the Prius Prime was chosen by publication as the best plug-in hybrid. America agrees. Prius Prime is the best-selling hybrid plug-in overall, and also the best-selling affordable EV of any type in the country.

This month, special offers that place the Prius on the US News list are 0% financing for 60 months plus $ 1,000 of money back or rent of $ 189 per month for 36 months with $ 2,199 for signing. Rents are a popular choice for green cars, but Toyota’s special purchase deal is hard to ignore as well.

One of the reasons Toyota offers a great deal is that Prius sales have declined. The RAV4 Hybrid catches the eye of green vehicle buyers and the new Camry Hybrid is also hot now. The Prius remains the top seller, but Toyota has more space in the production line than the one sold today.