Best Way To Rent A Car, How to know you have the right insurance coverage when renting a car or RV

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Best Way To Rent A Car – When renting a vehicle, a common concern is the concern of knowing whether you are covered for damage if an accident occurs.

According to Pam Murray of the Alberta Motorcycle Association, there is no guarantee that you will be protected just because you have car insurance.

Car insurance usually covers personal liability or injury but not everyone has coverage for collision or damage to rental car.

However, there are several options available to ensure you are safe on the go.

Most rental companies will offer additional insurance called optional collision damage or loss removal and can range from $ 10 to $ 30 per day. But if it’s covered in your car insurance, you do not have to take it.

Another option is called a rider, which is only a few dollars a month. The third option is to get a one-time lease policy through a travel agent. A one-time rental policy is usually best if you do not rent a car often.

“If you rent a car a whole year, then from a cost perspective, having a rider is a good value for the year,” Murray said. “So I think it’s flat $ 30 a year.

“But you need to realize there is a deductible on the plan, there is also, it will affect your car premium if you have an accident for it,” said Murray.

Credit cards also often include insurance but according to the AMA, you need to be careful because different cards will offer different scopes and limits.

Murray says you should check with your insurance company before you go on holiday to make sure everything you have is all right.

However, when renting an RV, your own automated policies will not apply and you need to get additional coverage from the rental company.