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Best 6 Cylinder Cars – It never ceases to amaze how fast the Festival of Speed ​​rushes over to us every year. At one point we were pressing our brains in the creative gathering that shaped these shows, then boys and girls at Goodwood Motorsport Content are directing their brains to the bone in a global transaction to bring the right people – and the right car and bike motorcycles – for the event, and the Goodwood Estate people work together hard to prepare the site, with absolutely everything it needs, from the comfort of public and the dumpster for the many miles of aluminum tracking, shelters, tents, large temporary buildings made and supplied by large manufacturers displaying FOS … and more … and more … and more.

An interesting aspect of FOS is its effect on new entrants, invited to run cars or motorcycles for the first time. Michael Ballard is a Jaguar specialist based in Fleet, Hampshire. He has been maintaining, setting up and servicing former E-type Equipe Endeavor Jaguar – ‘ECD 400’ roadster for some time, and the owner invited him to share a trip with me this year.

Although E-type E-type roadster early 1961 is relatively simple, seen, ‘ECD’ is a very historic vehicle. Equipe Endeavor organization Tommy Sopwith entered for a Trophy Spring meeting at Oulton Park on Saturday, April 16 of that year. This is the highly anticipated racing debut of the newly launched Jaguar sports car, and two of the E-type will face Ferrari and Aston Martin – the front runner in the GT competition at the time.

The race is over 25 laps – 69 miles – and Graham Hill will drive an ‘ECD’ for Sopwith while Roy Salvadori will be in the gray 4 ‘WPD’ gray sleeve car entered by Guildford, Surrey, Jaguar distributor John Coombs. The Motor Sport report about this event is short and straight to the point, with just a read: “Graham Hill and Roy Salvadori sent the new E-Type Jaguars to the start of a good race by taking first and third places at the Oulton Park Trophy for the GT car on April 16th. Practice times for both cars (which, incidentally, come directly from Coventry) show that only Innes Ireland in DB4 GT Aston Martin had a chance to hold them. The Ferraris from Graham Whitehead and Jack Sears are both superior in the race and also during the training period … “Here it is – the job is over.

The Autosport report is somewhat more detailed, appearing five days after the event and entitled: “Jaguar This Is Really Something!”. The report reads: “The long-awaited competition debut of the new ‘E’ -type Jaguar has finally been made. Two magnificent new Coventry engines emerged in the day’s major races at BARC National meeting in Oulton Park, Cheshire, last Saturday. Their first appearance was impressive, both cars were in standard trim and leading the race in the procession for up to two laps from the end, when Innes Ireland passed Roy Salvadori to second place in John Ogier DB4GT Aston Martin.

“Graham Hill, who won the race in the Equde Endeavor car, drove gloriously, and declared himself very happy with this new car. He leads from Roy Salvadori, in E-type John Coombs, on lap 13, to win with something like 150 yards. Ferrari from Jack Sears and Graham Whitehead took fourth and fifth places – a position they held throughout the race … “.

Roy has been using the brakes in Coombs’s car, so his speed drops later in the race – and Graham just makes a better job of ‘ECD’ nursing at the forefront. Of course the question has been asked about “Is that a fix?”. Jaguar is not well known for using friends and influences to promote their Coventry brand, and both newcomers Sopwith and Coombs have or will develop a very close relationship with Col Ronnie Hoare of the new Maranello Concessionaires Entrepreneur business – while also being an old Jaguar exponent – and very realized that the national race at Oulton Park would not register on Mr. Ferrari’s antenna in Maranello. Great news in Great Britsain will not disturb the vibrant giornalisti of ‘La Corriere della Serra’ or even the motor sports specialist from ‘Auto Italiana’.

Here, however, they may be mistaken for following the new public launch of the E-type at the Geneva Salon that year in March, Mr. Ferrari apparently took his engineers to a meeting in Maranello – and has brought them together with photographs highlighting the new form of the Jaguar beautiful. .

He compared the fascinating fascinating line of fascinating bustle from the contemporary Berlinetta Ferrari 250 GT Short-Wheelbase, and most underestimated the company’s main product at the time …

When the engineers stretched out uncomfortably in their office chairs, the really burning track of The Old Man shirts was a 3.8 liter UK 3.8 liter car – about £ 1,900 only in Britain – where 250 GT SWB with its V12 engine only 3 liter capacity is struggling to find buyers at £ 5,000 and more …

La Ferrari has become the top-performing GT car couturier in the global manufacturing business, along with the Pininfarina stylist and Scaglietti-bashers panel, many of the most exotic and beautiful cars in the world. And here they are beaten by those damned British Midlanders from a company that also no less than five times denied Ferrari’s victory in the race he most respects – Le Mans 24 Hours. This new e-type really rubs it …

There is no coincidence that for the year 1962 substitute Ferrari Gran Turismo must offer the line as a beautiful penetration and slim as E-Type – and the new model appeared as a Ferrari 250 GTO …

However, in building this 25th Speed ​​Festival our friend and nanny Jaguar, Michael Ballard, is like a dog with two tails on the prospect of running and riding an old ‘ECD’. But first, of course, he (and I) must comply with the new and heated insurance requirements that are getting hotter and harder – literally as it turns out – about dressing for the participating driver, regardless of whether someone threw the car up the hill with your hair on fire, running against hours for a competitive time, or just a beautiful original car grandmother like ‘ECD’ on a hill with a gentle demonstration in the car.

This involves us having to invest in new crash helmets, new overalls, new flame retardant, small fire-resistant fairies – all the boredom required by modern motor sport regulation. Forced to leave the pale-blue two-piece overall I’ve used for the previous 24 festions does not make me happy at all – but I have no doubt it brings help to the supervisors, who in recent years must have thought “Oh good, that’s just Doug – he’s too slow to burn himself (we hope) “.

So far proved true. But by 2018 I was denied the opportunity to prove it again … and the supervisors no longer feel restricted to cross their fingers and believe that I will not do anything silly at Molecomb, or The Flint Wall, or pass Carnes Seat – or flat-out at the finish line.

Anyway, Michael with Linda and his fellow engineers Jim Hills and Steve Hawke seem to enjoy a wonderful weekend with the first E-Type winner in Goodwood sunshine. Old ‘ECD’ has a beautiful machine – one of the most subtle and torquey E-Type I’ve ever enjoyed driving – and one can imagine competitive success – “work done” – that great Graham Hill felt in the cockpit back in 16 April 1961. First race race – first victory – first defeat (of some rare) by Jaguar over Ferrari. Historical things, you see – that’s what has been a festival for 25 long years … And forgive us if we are so proud of that …