Best Interior Car Cleaner, CLEAN MACHINE These five simple car cleaning tricks will keep your motor looking fresh – from toothpaste to hair conditioner… and even VODKA

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Best Interior Car Cleaner – According to the janitor, there are some daily items that can keep your car in top condition.

Toothpaste, WD40, hair conditioner – and even vodka can be the answer to your misery.

They will help remove the ugly stains from your paint and even clean your lights.

These are the top five car cleaning tricks to save your time and money.


Casing lamps can be dirty and closed from time to time blocking the effectiveness of your lights.

While the lamp restoring kit can be purchased, toothpaste can also work very well.

Just use toothpaste into the fabric and rub the outside of the lamp, then rinse and clean it to see instant results.

Hair conditioner

The hair conditioner not only keeps your hair smooth and smooth – it also serves as a dream on your bodywork.

Rinse your car with water and soap and then after the car is completely clean, fill the bucket with 500ml of water and mix it with 125ml hair conditioner.

Then use a clean cloth to smooth your motor and rinse completely.

You will be left with a shiny bodywork, new look. Faster and easier than waxing.

Baking soda and vinegar

Cloth coatings can easily pick up stains and hold lingering odors, which can be a nightmare to wipe.

But using a simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar can lift up the dirt and make your seat smell fresh.

Combine the two products to make the paste and rub it into the car seat cover or stain.

Wait until dry, then simply empty the excess.


WD40 can fix your door hinges but also works well to remove difficult stains from both the interior and the exterior of your car.

The magic spray is even effective for removing bumper stickers and gum – all without damaging your paint.

It can also be used for slitting wheel hubs and protecting from rust.


Not too much of a problem in the summer but after the temperature drops in winter you can find freezing your screen.

A clogged washer pot can leave you with a dirty windshield that you can not see properly, making it a serious danger.

But it takes only three cups of vodka, four cups of water and two teaspoons of washing liquid. Shake well and pour into your reservoir.

And do not need to issue a premium spirit, cheap goods are equally good.

Jonathan Allbones, director of The Car People, said: “Many people struggle to find time to clean their cars, often leaving them until they become big jobs or cars in disrepair, which is why keeping good hygiene is much easier.

“By following these simple tips, keeping your vehicle clean will take less time but leaving you with much better results.”

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