Best Car Battery Chargers, The popular car charger with ambient LEDs and car battery monitoring is back down to $20

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Best Car Battery Chargers – Once upon a time, all car chargers have to charge your phone battery. Well those days are long gone because technology has come so far since then. The Roaver Car Charger 30W by Anker has two USB ports and support for the latest Quick Charge technology, but the fun begins when you forget about the charging feature. This cool device has a feature that monitors your car battery and notifies you when it will die soon, and also has integrated ambient LED lighting with colors that you can change using connected apps. Finally, it has fantastic features that automatically mark your location in the app when your connection with the car charger breaks down, so remember exactly where you parked! This is a remarkable value with a full retail price of $ 30, but is currently sold now on Amazon for just $ 19.99.

Here are some highlights from the product page:

TRANSPORT HIGH-SPEED: Smartly advanced technology provides simultaneous and high-speed charging for drivers and passengers. (Does not support Adaptive Quick Filling for Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 +.)
BUILT-IN CAR LOCATOR: The Roav app records your car’s location, instant Bluetooth connection is lost and guides you back. Forget where you parked? Roav not.
BATTERY CAR MONITOR: Every time you turn on the machine, the Roav app will record the performance of your car battery. Keep a record and see how your battery is in an instant.
SPECTRUM LIGHT: Instantly adjust the tone and color of 16,000 LEDs through the Roav app to accentuate the interior of your car or adjust your mood drive.
WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Roav SmartCharge SPECTRUM. Congratulations Card, Welcome Guide, 18 months free warranty, and friendly customer service.