What Is The Best Car Seat, Best buys small cars: Seat steals the show with its Ibiza

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What Is The Best Car Seat – Sometimes when we say the car has ‘become more mature’, it’s a code for cars that ignore any pleasant pretense and just accept that it’s now a boring box on wheels. Just for a change, the Ibiza Seat grows up but does not become less fun. Much bigger and wider than usual (thanks for sharing the chassis with the new VW Polo), and the quality of the interior has really improved the game. The basic model is a dark and plastic-y touch, but it’s all tight and there’s a stretch room in the back seat now. The basic 1.0-liter engine with 75hp shocks the fleet, but if you upgrade to a 1.0-liter 115hp version, you have a great all-rounder that raises serious questions about the need to buy a larger Leon. The SE models get a decent touch screen and air conditioning, or you can get an expensive FR model for a faux-hot-hatch look. Avoid the horrible ‘Mystic Magenta’ metallic mousse paint. Take all of the above as a reading for the Volkswagen Polo which is just as good, but add about € 1,500 to the price tag.

Best model: 1.0 75hp SE for € 17,335 Price range: € 14,995 to € 22,115. Finance of € 154 per month. Emissions Co2: 99 to 112g / km Amount: Spanish Polo will not cost you a dress.

The Eligible Candidate
Ford Fiesta

It really is a nip-and-tuck to decide between Fiesta and Ibiza (& Polo) for the best ratings in its class, and Ford only loses to Seat because Spanish cars have lower entry prices, and fractionally higher quality in the cabin and a roomier touch. Fiesta hits back, and hits hard, with a more rewarding driving experience (steering wheel, excellent balance) and some excellent engine options. The three-liter three-cylinder base unit is a cracker, while the turbocharged EcoBoost engine is among the best in its class. The upcoming ST 190hp version takes place as the king of small heat hatch.

Best models: 1.1L Ti-VCT 70hp Zetec for € 17,250 Price range: € 16,650 to € 30,270. Finance of € 144 per month. Emissions Co2: 97 to 136g / km Quantity: Party time for Fiesta.

Citroen C3

We’re part of a little French game, though not necessarily with unreliable levels and awkwardness that at one time was a natural companion to the game of those words. Fortunately, the C3 is all unique, no pain – mechanically it’s actually quite conservative with a choice of 1.2-liter petrol engine (turbo or non-turbo) and 1.6 diesel. It looks very different on the outside and the cabin shows C4 Cactus which is too awkward, just how things to do. The large touch screen looks good, but it’s a bit sneaky. Decent room and very comfortable chairs compensate for it. Driving and riding are French classics – twirly and floaty, respectively, but that just makes C3 more interesting to drive.

Best models: 1,2 PureTech 82hp Feel € 18,595 Price range: € 16.395 to € 21.895. Finance of € 165 per month. Emissions Co2: 92 to 110g / km Amount: C3 gets A-grade.

Toyota Yaris

If there is any disillusionment with the Yaris at the moment, it has never succeeded as an impetus to drive as an ancestor away from 1998 (which is actually fun to drive, regardless of the bleak picture). Cars today are not bad to drive, but nothing fun. It makes up for it by being very delicate. There is a very good space in the set of bot chairs, the quality of the build is every bit as good as you expect, and the engine is very efficient and powerful enough. Hybrid models are much better, if somewhat expensive. Ultra-rare GRMN hot hatch feels like 90s Touring Car for driving, in the best sense.

Best model: Perform all-in and get Sol Hybrid for € 21,595 Price range: € 15,950 to € 22,990. Finance of € 144 per month. Emissions Co2: 75 to 109g / km Amount: Straight-ups that make sense.

Wild Card: Suzuki Swift

Funny and cuddly, Swift is almost a low-priced competitor for the Mini Cooper, so appealing. It suffered a bit from the cabin that was too dark, but the quality and reliability of Suzuki (after scaring the city car Celerio some time ago) is generally very unmatched. A smart, lightweight hybrid system increases engine power and helps the economy at the same time. 1.0 The BoosterJet engine is a star of the range, but surely consider the attractive Swift Sport if you are in the market for a nice little car.

Best model: 1.0 BoosterJet SZ-T for € 16,995 Price range: € 14,995 to € 20,995. Finance of € 174 per month. Emissions Co2: 97 to 125g / km Amount: Swift? Sure.