Best Car Seats For Airplanes, How to Use a Car Seat on an Airplane

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Best Car Seats For Airplanes – One of the traditional advantages of air travel with children under 2 years old is saving the extra ticket price by holding a child in your lap. (Indeed, those who have ever traveled this way may argue it does not really feel like a perk at that moment, but it makes the journey more affordable for families.)

However, more and more parents are choosing to buy tickets for their smallest for safety. And it’s a safer option. Tying them to a safe car seat not only offers more protection in the event of a collision, it also keeps them safe during times of unexpected turmoil.

But before you go dragging the chair to the airport, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Car seats must be approved by FAA. Look for a label on your seat that says, “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and airplanes.” Without it, you may not be allowed to use seats on the plane.

Seating by the window is your best choice. Otherwise, the seat will block the passenger’s ability to exit the row in case of an emergency. Car seats are not allowed in chairs in hallways or in rows of exits. Seats should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Important to measure. In order to fit a typical coach seat, the car seat should be no more than 16 inches wide. However, if the FAA-approved car seat does not fit your child’s seat, the airline is responsible for accommodating in other seats where possible.

Booster seats and vest harness are limited. This is prohibited by the FAA during land, takeoff and landing movements, and its use is not recommended – although not legally prohibited – while in the air. However, airlines may have different policies regarding their use in the air, so check before you arrive at the airport.

Alternative: The CARES harness. This is the only FAA-approved harness restraint, intended for children weighing between 22 and 44 pounds.

If in doubt, always check with your airline beforehand to find out specific rules about traveling with children. Some airlines offer discounts for babies if you plan on using car seats, and policies regarding car seats, carryable items, and inspected items may vary.