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Best New Car Leases – Leasing comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, we’ve written at length about the benefits of rentals, as well as the reasons why buying directly can be a better option for you. But for buyers who rent a car representing good value, we have worked with leading rental companies. Select Car Hire to bring exclusive weekly offerings to registered Telegraph readers.

By renting a car using the links below, you are entitled to a £ 100 discount for a standard setting fee with a rental fee. The Telegraph automotive team independently selects this car every week – so come back in a few days if nothing is exciting – based on our experience with the cars we drive.

Volvo XC40 – from £ 265 per month

We prefer this compact SUV, and we are not alone. Volvo XC40 is one of the most critically acclaimed cars in recent years, earning numerous awards including the European Car of the Year, What Car? Trousers Car of the Year and Autocar ‘Game changer’. We were very impressed with the design, the ride comfort, and the overall sense of style, though far from the sports car. His rivals include Skoda Karoq (£ 219 per month) and Jaguar E-Pace (£ 249 per month).

Ford Fiesta – £ 170 per month

There is a reason why the Ford Fiesta has become Britain’s favorite car for nearly 40 years, on-and-off. Compact, comfortable, and fun to drive, not to mention cheap to buy, run, and keep. The latest model, launched in 2017, has a striking resemblance to the previous generation, albeit with a slightly less magical handling. Surely this is a small car, with a compact boot and narrow seat back, but for many unimportant buyers. Its rivals include the excellent Ibiza Seat (£ 156 per month) and the new Nissan Micra (£ 138 per month).

Telegraph rating: four stars out of five

Land Rover Discovery – £ 528 per month

The new Discovery has been one of Land Rover’s most divisive cars in the last decade. This is very far from the end-Eighties Discos etos as it is possible to obtain, and that asymmetrical rear tailgate is difficult to use. However, no one denies Discovery’s new off-road capabilities, and if you need to transport your loved ones in a challenging field with relative ease, there are some real rivals. Better rent this car than buy it.

Telegraph rating: three stars out of five

Ford Mustang – £ 467 per month

Ford’s performance arm is used to be explicitly divided by the Atlantic Ocean. North American customers get a Mustang, a V8 muscle car with a vulgar exhaust note and a tendency to leave scorched rubber everywhere it goes. And the European customers got the Focus RS, a hot hatch with a stylish Halfords body kit and a very meaningful turbocharger. But a few years ago we trade secrets; cars are now available on both sides of the pool. Mustang may not be as sensible as in a free country, but this blue-collar hero is one of the most affordable cars on the market. There are no real rivals.

Telegraph rating: four stars out of five

Mazda MX-5 – £ 241 per month

It’s an ‘unsung’ driver car for nearly three decades now, but this simple two-passenger car is probably the best value machine this week. With just £ 241 per month, you can drive one of the most dynamic engines on this Porsche side. If you are over 6’2 then you will struggle, and you can forget about the huge power output you have used to read Telegraph reviews – this small bhp simple car is the best pleasure you can have in south of £ 30,000.

Telegraph rating: five stars out of five