Best Lease Car Deals, Navy veteran says car was towed without notice, violating lease

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Best Lease Car DealsA navy veteran who says he was laid off at every step turned to 12 On Your Side to help get his car back.

Edward Craig said the car was held without notice, and he was sure it violated his rental agreement. Craig says he can not get anyone to power in his apartment complex to listen.

NBC12 reaches along the chain, including to KRS Holdings, a management company for apartment complexes, to Simms Towing owners, and even the City of Richmond. This dispute seems to go to court.

Craig showed us the parking lot where his car was moved. He said the car inspection stickers ended June 30, and almost immediately Simms Towing and Recovery appeared at Studio Apartments on Williamsburg Road, connecting the Mazda Protege 2003 and taking it away.

“Yes. I admit the inspection sticker has run out. It ran out at midnight. Thirty-five minutes later, Simms pulled it, and every time I tried to talk to him, it was very evil,” Craig said.

He said towing and storage bills, according to Simms, were more than $ 700.

Craig said the vehicle needed to check and had a cracked windshield, but he said it was taken in violation of the lease clause.

Craig read part of the lease, which said in part: “The vehicle that seems to be abandoned, can be operated without the current license place, etc. It will be posted with notification and then pulled away at the owner’s expense.”

Craig said no one had given him notice – not his apartment complex or Simms Towing.

“I would appreciate him taking me my vehicle back, so I can fix it and I can move on with my life,” Craig said.

NBC12 receives the following statement from the property management firm Greater Richmond Rentals:

When I followed up with a phone call, Director of Operations of the management company, Jennifer Perrow told me, “This is between Ed and the Tow Company.”

Then, he hung up on me.

I went to the tow area but could not get in because the gate was locked. So, I called Owner Jamal Simms and got an assistant, who also hung up on me.

So, I called Simms again and talked to Jamal Simms owner over the phone early Tuesday morning. He said he did not need to give notice. Craig had to pay the bill and he would get the car. He also said he was sued and Simms gave me the name of his lawyer. Craig has submitted letters to fight him in court.

I also called a towing company lawyer, who said he did not comment at the moment. The court date has been set for August.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Office handles certain withdrawal complaints, but those involving City Planning must be handled at the city level. So, they can mean civil lawsuits in court.