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Best Wax For Cars – A powerful polisher will take the strain of giving your bodywork a sheen. But which of our budget polishers is a smooth operator?

Polishing paint and buffing candles in your car can be hard work, so many drivers do not bother. But the 240v polisher will eliminate the job. It can also be used with a cutting compound or scratch remover that is suitable for lifting out swirl marks and light scratches from the surface of the paint.

A detailed fan can pay hundreds of pounds for a top-level, multi-speed polisher, but most of us do not have to go to such extremes. We line up three price-budget examples to test various body panels. Even though their prices are sharp, everything is DA (dual action), which is better for cleaning and buffing.

Vibration of the motorbike is slightly heavier with better prices and similar performance to put Silverline ahead of Halfords. Those who have small cars will be happy with Sakura, even though the price is expensive.


Silverline’s DIY 110W Orbital Polisher takes top spot thanks to its sharp price.

 Silverline DIY 110W Orbital Car Polisher 261362

Price: Around £ 25
Rating: 5.0
Diameter of pads (mm): 240
Motor: 110W

Silverline scourers are equipped with two pads: one terry cloth and one synthetic wool. The former is thinner than we want, but tied with a rope, which makes fitting easier than a very elastic pad.

We feel the average 3.7 million power cord, but the three year warranty is not stingy. The fixed grip almost surrounds the motor and the on / off switch is reasonably placed for ease of use. And while the vibrating unit is a little used, it’s a good price, and this gives Halfords an advantage.

Halfords 110W Polisher

Price: £ 35
Rating: 4.0
Diameter of pads (mm): 240
Motor: 110W

Despite being the heaviest and heaviest choice (2.5kg), this is easy to use because of its large and twin handles, which move to three positions. 240mm pads make the work of our engine hood light, but there are smaller panels where there are strange angles or projections. Both pads have good quality, if difficult to install, and the motor is very strong and very smooth in action.

Sakura 240v Car Polisher SS5340

Price: Around £ 30
Rating: 4.0
Pad diameter (mm): 150
Motor: 60W

We thought the shape of a kettle like Sakura would make it harder to use, but it was as comfortable as its bigger rival. This is partly because it weighs less than 1.6kg. To match the reduced 60W power, the foam pad is 150mm smaller and takes a little longer to complete the larger panel. But it is more manageable where things become tight.