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Best Rc Cars Under 100 – Remote control cars are the first and foremost toys, but that does not reduce the impressive combination of technology, performance and durability that many examples offer. Their prices may seem steep, but the end result is always entertaining and of course valuable.

We collected eight remote control cars with different prices, power and style to see which came out as the top. All cars shown are electric, using brushed or brushless motors and rechargeable batteries. Both two and four-wheel-drive models are tested.

During testing, our goal is to know which RC car is the most fun to operate, rather than the fastest or the strongest. We also test good battery life and build quality, and assess value for money.

1. Nitrotek HSP XSTR Buggy

Price: about £ 170

The XSTR Buggy has a low carrying capacity and has only two wheels that are driven, but that doesn’t seem to affect its off-road performance; it is stable with speed across the rutted ground. It is a mania car but it can be controlled at full speed and designed and built very well. This is our choice for a great combination of price, performance and fun factors.

2. LRP S10 Twister 2 Extreme-100 Brushless Truggy

Price: about £ 260

This is the most expensive car in this test with some margin, but it’s also the fastest, with a top speed of 60mph. There is an advanced suspension to keep everything in check at speed, the unmatched car in the company is off the road and can hold itself on a flat runway too. If you are lucky enough to have enough space to harness its power, LRP is a good choice. Battery life is a problem in tests.

3. Tamiya Honda City Turbo XB

Price: around £ 225 (ready to be built)

Tamiya is a brand whose name is synonymous with fan class radio control cars, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the entry-level XB model is very fun. This model is designed to look like a Honda City Turbo from the 1980s and is very fun to play; it does wheelies at will and angle on two wheels as well. You can even save money by buying a car in the form of a kit.

4. Century UK Prime Steel V2

Price: about £ 100

The Prime Baja V2 is another buggy-style RC car, although it is offered at a cheaper price than the one on this list. Even though the brushed motor is less sought after (a better performance brushless motor), the V2 is fast and stable, with the chassis proven to be very impressive. Good looks and great quality (close to the most expensive cars here) are plus points further.

5. HPI Racing RS4 Sport BMW E30

Price: about £ 220

Bringing a very convincing resemblance from the original BMW M3 touring car, this RC offers from HPI Racing looks great in bright orange paint and original replica aftermarket alloy. With a lot of power, four-wheel drive and very low elevation, this is designed to offer control on a smoother surface, which is the case. Do not try to take it off-road!

6. Nitrotek Bug Crusher

Price: about £ 100

This option is called the monster truck, but has a low center of gravity and four-wheel drive, both of which make it a solid companion in rough terrain. Unfortunately this model does not have more power, but – the Bug Crusher can handle more easily than that provided by a slow and brushed motor.

7. Carrera Red Bull

Price: about £ 70

This is the cheapest car tested and probably will not be accepted by hardcore RC fans thanks to its simple performance, relatively thin construction, and basic suspension settings. However, the Red Bull looks great and is happy to be used indoors. We recommend it for younger viewers.

8. Century UK Flux Desert Assault V2

Price: about £ 190

Four-wheel drive and fast brushless motor calculation support Desert Assault V2, but our test sample has loose wheels upon arrival. We also managed to roll the car while cornering, so the stability was not as good as some of the other examples on testing. However, the chassis itself feels very solid.