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Best Car Seat For Newborn – With the baby comes the car seat. Unfortunately, our sprog has never been a fan of car travel. Owning a small car means the ride is not always smooth, but part of the problem is also a common convenience provided by the car seat we have. We are lucky enough to be given a lot of hand-down when your child is born. However, not all used items are useful for your baby. After a lot of crying and more research, we decided to get a new car seat for the little guy. Since we had fussy little beans, we decided to fuss in our needs as well, and went for the car seat which was a bit fancy. We chose Cybex Sirona S I-Size, for the security offered, plus 360 rotation as an additional feature.

Cybex Sirona S-Size Car Seat – Features and Specifications

Suitable from birth – 105 cm, up to about. 4 years
Rear facing up to 105 cm, approximately. 4 years
Group 0+ – 1
Guaranteed to use an ISOFIX car system and do not require further binding
360 ° rotation with easy entry position
Driving control direction (DDC) – Prevent turning the car seat into the front position before the child is above 76cm.
Energy reduction technology (ER-Tech) in forward-facing position (from 16 months and 76 cm)
Integrated L.S.P. system
Headrest high-adjustable
8 position lying down
Includes new inlay
2 year warranty free


Since the car seat requires Isofix to paste it into your car, it is recommended that you check the compatibility of your car with the car seat before purchasing it.

This can be done through the Cybex Sirona S I-Size website. Scroll past the feature until you enter the compatibility section.

Generally, most of the cars sold in the UK post-2008 have been added.

Buy options

Since this is not cheap, I try to find many options that I might find. I see all the usual suspects: Mothercare, John Lewis, Amazon, and many other retailers. I found that the best price I could find was £ 300, in most places. We went with Mothercare, mainly because their staff was very helpful. It must be pre-ordered, because they do not have it, so I pay it from the comfort of my home and laptop. The useful thing to know is that if you pay online, Mothercare also accepts PayPal, which is something I want to use.

Why Cybex Sirona S I-Size

There are several reasons for choosing a particular car seat as well as the model we choose.


Most car seats are considered to have weight, and that’s where the security settings are focused. With I-Size, you have weight and height for consideration. Of course, for most average kids, this should not be a concern. Extra security definitely gives you more thought.

360 ° Rotation

Putting your baby in the car has never been an easy job. At the age of 1 year, he began to become quite heavy so that he could become a serious faff. Having the option to turn the seat out while we place it inside makes it very easy for us.

DDC (Driving Direction Control)

The car seat is equipped with adjustable headrests for your child’s height. While the child is under 76cm, it prevents the seat from turning forward. This ensures that they are facing the back as long as possible, thus giving them extra security.

Other security features

It is also equipped with many pads and other safety features, all tested with the latest European standards.

Installation Indicator

When a chair is being installed or adjusted to the rear / front position, a clear indicator tells you whether or not the car seat is properly installed.

Instruction manual

Surprisingly, the car seat is not equipped with manual instructions. There are instruction stickers scattered around the car seat, but in regular Ikea fashion, they are very graphic and not very clear.

However, you can download the instruction manual from Cybex website by clicking this website. Other language options are available through the product’s website.

How to install Cybex Sirona S I-Size

As mentioned, the Cybex Sirona S I-Size car seat is not equipped with any instruction manual or installation instructions. So here is a list of things you need to do.

Remove all packaging

This one is obvious, but you may want to do that before you try and install a car seat.

Make sure the car seat area is clean

Make sure the area of ​​the car seat is clear. Make sure also that the front seat has been pushed as far as possible and the seat is propped forward to give you as much space as possible. This is very important for smaller cars.

Start with Isofix

On both sides of the car seat, at the bottom, you will see this sliding mechanism. This shifts the Isofix protector out of the car.

Press both ends to move it.

After you enter it, you will hear a click. You will also notice that the indicator that is visible inside the button will change from red / gray to green. Do this on both sides.

Set up the vertical bar

Forgive a messy car! The vertical bar is lowered by pressing and shifting the button above it. Push as far as possible downward and keep out of the car seat. When locked in place, you will also see an indicator to turn green. In the picture above, that’s the top.

It takes a bit of skill but clicked into place after the correct angle.

Take out the door protection

On the top side of the car seat is a door guard. It was taken by pressing the button on the side. It is a little plastic facing door and helps protect the car seat from any side effects.

Adjust the headrests

Headrest can be adjusted by putting your finger behind the slot in the car seat. Can be adjusted to a height of 106cm. Anything under 76cm and car seats can only be turned back and not forward.

Adjust the front seat

It’s important to make sure that you arrange it in such a way that allows you to rotate the child’s seat as needed. You should be able to push it back a little. I pushed the mine quite far back, but eventually left lying a bit straighter to allow Cybex to be rotated as needed.

Remove baby inserts (if needed)

Behind the car seat also includes a baby to give your child more support. If your child is over 61 cm, this can be removed. It’s attached using a velcro to the back of the chair and once you figure this out, it comes out easily.

Insert your child and move the seat

Ideally you want that chair facing you when you put your child into the car seat. The standard strap system lets you enter it, and if you press the silver button shown above, you can adjust the rope. To make it tight, just pull the rope under the silver button.

To adjust the backrest, put your hand into the slot below and press the button to adjust the backrest as needed.

The same button is used to rotate the full 360-degree car seat. It must be remembered that the car seat only rotates when it is fully vertical.

How to remove Cybex Sirona S I-Size

Once you know how to install this, the uninstall is pretty easy.

Start by pressing the button on the vertical bar to lift it.

Then simply press the button on the Isofix bar slide on both sides to remove it from both ends.

This should free up your car seat for removal from the car, and move around.


As already mentioned, a lot of comfort and cushioning are offered by car seats. We have made two long trips with this one, and the other has fallen asleep in two instances on the way back. We do need some help from some videos, but this seems to be a good solution so far about traveling with your child.


£ 300 is very expensive for anything, but with all the security, additional features as well as adjustments and comfort, Cybex Sirona S I-Size has been a good seat for us so far.

I will try to update this if my findings change.