What Are The Best Used Cars To Buy, Buy them before we do: second-hand picks for 20 July

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What Are The Best Used Cars To Buy – he uses a car market full of delicious offerings, but sometimes it can be difficult to say buy wisely from potential money holes.

Do not be afraid, our used car experts have collected their picks from the classifieds. See anything you like? Better move fast and buy it before we …

Hummer H3 SE £ 17,500

Buying a car from a dead manufacturer can be dangerous. What do you do for spare parts? Who will be able to serve? What will be done with this resale value? All of these are very valid questions, but with the help of internet and support from online forums, you can often make it work.

Take, for example, Hummer. Most are already aware of the company’s military origins in Operation Desert Storm and the civilian version that followed, so we’ll jump ahead to H3, which came out in 2006. It’s brought out as a cheaper model and H3 is the smallest vehicle in range. This means that it’s slightly more fuel efficient, but at 19.5mpg claimed, it’s not an environmentally-friendly option.

Find Hummer H3 for sale at PistonHeads

However, this does not matter in the US and H3 sells well enough in the first few years. Then, in 2008, there was an economic downturn, which halved sales compared to the previous year. Finally Hummer, at this point under GM’s management, had to close in 2010 after the company’s buyers could not be found.

So where does it leave this H3? Well, the basics are from Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks, and they’re shared with GM and Isuzu products, so the parts are not too hard to find, especially if you’re looking online. There are scattered garages around England that specialize in American cars that should be able to guard it.

We found H3 in Pistonheads which only covers 30,000 miles and goes up for £ 17,500. That means it has retained quite a lot of its original value, which is quite impressive, considering the company has been working for eight years.

Citroën DS 19 Chapron Convertible £ 175,000:

The weather is getting better so people have convertible eyes, but this is usually a sporty car and our roads are in very bad condition. The answer could be the open-top DS19 created by the Chapron coachbuilder from Paris. You will have wind in your hair while your derrière will be free from those annoying holes.

Mercedes-Benz 500SEC £ 22,495:

Mercedes SEC is a popular choice among the Formula 1 racers of the day and you can imagine them blowing up Europe, going from race track to tax haven. Mercedes in this era can achieve great mileage, but only if they are noticed. This one has multiple receipts to support the full service history.

Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Sport £ 12,599:

Audi A3 is an excellent premium family hatchback and this 1.4 TFSI Sport has a sweet little turbo engine with easily accessible power, nice improvements and decent fuel economy. Being a Sport model, it also has a lot of equipment, including climate control, cruise control, and rear parking sensors.

Fiat Ducato Team Sky £ 49.995:

2009, 101,000 miles of caried motorcycles could be an exciting (and expensive) way to get behind the scenes in the upcoming Tour de France. It comes complete with ‘sky’ lights on the roof, parabola and – of course – the television. Full subscriptions to Sky TV are not included in the purchase price.

Auction watch:

Maserati 3200 GT: For some years, 3200 GT has been in a used car and you can find several offers, like this one, which is only worth £ 11,880 at auction. That is the price of 3200 GT with high mileage, so 44,500-miler is a theft. Okay, so it’s automatic, but the 3200 GT is a long-haul car built with convenience.

Just like an exotic car, service history is everything. An expensive cambelt change was made on this car in February and has been repaired every year. It will not be cheap to run, but a good Maserati specialist will help soften the impact of any improvement.

Get it while you can:

Mini Cooper, New price £ 20,325. The price is now £ 14,487: The mini has undergone a revamp, and the facelift model is now proudly announcing their legacy every time you brake thanks to the taillights inspired by the Union flag. There is a must-have offer on pre-facelift models and three-cylinder turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline purchased for a mixture of strength and economy. Cooper’s specifications have all the basics, but if you can find them with Pepper packaging, like our example, you’ll be a winner. The £ 6,000 savings on this mile-shipping car make it a bargain.

Clash from a classified ad:

Brief: Find me a classic classic car for less than £ 20,000 over the age of 40 and qualify for free street taxes.

1977 Lancia Beta Montecarlo £ 19.99:

Laden with years of engineering innovation and racing heritage and overflowing with an Italian brio is the beautiful Montecarlo 1977 Beta. Lancia is small, eye-catching, and pocket-sized dazzle the automotive world with a beautiful body and elegant agility. Consider the facts: twin-cam by Lampredi, styling by Pininfarina and roadholding by double wishbone. What’s not to like? Imagine the wrist-film sensation you can have in this, as you pass Alex on his broken XJ6. MARK PEARSON

1978 Jaguar XJ6 £ 20,000

Promoting Lancia as a ‘trustworthy’ alternative shows how deep Mr. P scavenges to justify his choice. Sure, Montecarlo is cool, but classy? This XJ6 Hmm, on the other hand, oozes class from every pore, from clean leather and wood interiors – a veteran of just 20k miles – to a louche line and brightly lit. You also get the best XJ Series II engine, a fortress of strength and smoothness, not to mention easy handling and easy driving. The clear winner, in my book. ALEX ROBBINS


I love Montecarlo, but the XJ6 has a real road presence, a magnificent six-cylinder engine, and a beautiful interior. Alex’s choice won the battle. MAX ADAM