Best Way To Sell Car, Historically best-selling cars: Global Edition

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Best Way To Sell Car – Here is a very detailed list of the best-selling cars in most of the global car market, going back to dawn in the automotive era. There are familiar and selling, even today – but many are long gone from the fog of time. We will start with the biggest sellers and work our way:

1. US: Ford F-series, 1948-present – 30 million

The Ford F-series does not do anything by half. In addition to being the best-selling vehicle in the US for decades, it’s also the heaviest hitter on this list. Ford is justifiably proud of its pick-up range, which has a year-round production of one every 52 seconds. This line alone earns about $ 41 billion (about Rs 2,81,239 crore) in revenue per year, for Ford.

2. Russia: Pepper Riva, 1980-2015 – 15 million

The Lada Riva has a convoluted history of 1966 Fiat 124 via VAZ-2101 and to Lada Riva in 1980. Nothing stops Pepper at this point. He went on to make sales of 15 million units in over 35 years. Its nature corresponds to many Russian drivers looking for something cheap, easy to maintain, and able to cope with the extreme weather of the nation. It’s manufactured by AvtoVAZ – now mostly owned by Renault-Nissan.

3. Japan: Toyota Corolla, 1966-present – 12.65 million

The Japanese can be fickle when it comes to cars. Many buyers are interested in a unique car – with the exception of a simple Toyota Corolla who has sold everything else in his designer homeland. The 53-year-old production legacy of automobiles (starting back in 1966) greatly helped sales, so many of its rivals for short-term sales never looked around.

4. Brazil: Volkswagen Gol, 1980-present – 8 million

Goals are produced locally in Brazil. It has grown to be ideal for this market. Offered as a three and five-door hatchery, you can also order one as a sedan – popular with South American buyers. Based on the previous generation VW Polo, Gol is currently offered with 1.0 and 1.6 liter engine options. This is Brazil’s annual best-seller between 1987 and 2014.

5. Germany: Volkswagen Golf, 1974-present – 7 million

Come on, what do you expect? This is Germany and Volkswagen Golf. No automobile encapsulates national identity in the same way; so it is clear that the Germans will open their hearts and purses to Golf. Even so, the 7 million (and growing) sales in its homeland are still only a fraction of the 34 million Golfes sold worldwide, so far.

6. Czech Republic: Skoda Octavia, 1996-present – 6.4 million

The Czechs have elevated Octavia to a very solid number one in the overall sales ranking of the country. 6.4 million units found a happy home since the launch of the model in 1996. In the following years, Octavia has increased its sales and market share in its own backyard despite the growth of direct and other rival sales in the blooming Czech economy.

7. United Kingdom: Ford Fiesta, 1974-present – 4.5 million

Although the Briton has grown accustomed to the Fiesta that has occupied the nation’s sales ladder in recent years, this model is larger than the Blue Oval model that has that honor. Only in 2014 the Fiesta won the overall UK best-selling car title from Escort (1968-1998), which in itself took the honor of the original Mini (1959-2000). Currently, almost all Fiestas sold in Europe are made in Cologne, Germany after at least partially produced in England until 2002.

8. Canada: Ford F-series, 1948-present – 4.2 million

While there may be many features that differentiate between Canada and their US neighbors, they both share a love for the Ford F-series. This is the best-selling vehicle in Canada for decades as it fits perfectly with the heavy terrain covering most of the country. It’s also cheaper than many sedans and is available in a variety of body styles and engine sizes.

9. Italy: Fiat Uno, 1983-1994 – 4 million

Fiat produced more than six million Unos during its car production period. About two-thirds of this is destined for domestic consumption. The Uno is almost perfect as a new theme about the affordable 500 and 126 themes, a compact transportation. The only real surprise was that he managed to achieve this sales achievement in a relatively short span of 11 years.

10. Hungary: Skoda Octavia, 1996-present – 35,000

Skoda Octavia This is a measure of how small a new car market is in Hungary, that Octavia Skoda tops the overall sales chart of the country with 35,000 sales by the end of-2017. It takes a large part of the market with affordable prices and a solid build that can cope with some less-than-perfect roads.