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Best Bluetooth Car Stereo – And since now most of them are offered now wireless, it makes finding a decent partner just a little more difficult, especially if you are more of an old school music fan used for various cables. Will they feel comfortable and also sound good? Will Bluetooth connectivity work properly? Do they need frequent charging? So many questions!

There are thousands of Bluetooth offerings on the market now, each promising a different thing, so knowing which one is good before you buy is not easy. We have tried many couples to answer this issue, and here are some of the best, whether it’s for sports, traveling abroad, walking down the street, going to work or just relaxing at home.

Jaybird Run earphone: Best for convenience

Available for £ 170 from Argos

What always surprises us about wireless earphones completely is that many of them are not really comfortable. In many cases, they can be big, and in my experience, a thick or heavy bundle of clusters does not bode well for active pursuit, because any kind of strong movement usually means they just fall away.

But a pair of JayBird’s latest fitness buddies, JayBird Run, just the opposite. Not only do they not have cables connecting two earphones to give you more freedom, but they actually live there. The sound quality is also amazing, and best of all it is hard if you need it (something that earphones suffered a lot lately).

Sony Duo Ear: Best for multitasking

Available for £ 249 from Sony

It may be one of the most bizarre looking earphone devices out there now, and as you expect from its looks; they are not for everyone, but they are intended for specific users. All of these shoots are about feeding music to your ears when you need to be aware of your external environment.

This technology is designed to offer audio while still letting you hear ambient sound, a bit like bone-conduct technology; so you can hear things like traffic, conversations, and other things around you in your daily life.

If you like to run outdoors and prefer your music sounds more like a background noise than taking over your entire sense of hearing because you need to be aware if there is a car coming as you cross the street; this is good, because they also adjust to the noise around you. If they detect a sound outside, they will lower the volume given to you so you can hear it. Ideal for cyclists, too.

Jabra Elite Active 65t: Best for sports

Available for £ 170 from Currys PC World

If you are looking for a nice earbud set that has zero wires and let you move freely, Jabra Elite Active 65t may be just what you are looking for. Not only are they in your ear and produce good sound quality with decent bass range, but they are also waterproof (with IP56 rating), offering motion detection and voice control, and look stylish. These animals really have it all. Well, apart from cheap RRP; the only weakness of earphones.

Bose Sleedbuds: Best for night time

Available in Autumn for £ 229

Late last month, Bose launched its first “noise-masking” Sleepbuds, a pair of new designed in-ear wireless headphones that have been made specifically for the night’s sleep in an effort to help you sleep better. This is genuine because they are unlike other earphones on the market, working the same way as a normal Bluetooth earphone but with a smaller and more comfortable shape that can be used while you’re on Nod ground.

They are not focused on streaming music. So instead they all help you to drift in a more relaxed way by masking unwanted external noise and replacing it with a soothing sound. Basically, they aim to improve public health, reduce sleep deprivation.

They may not be available but we’ve tried it and they work really well. They will be with us later this year, so keep watch.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium: Best for cycling

Available for £ 100 from Amazon

If your preferred fitness weapon is cycling, and you expect to listen to music while riding your bike without risking your life, then you need a pair of Trekz Titanium. Wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to traditional sports headphones and earbuds thanks to bone conduction technology. An open-ear design offers music for playing and calling features that you can peddle yourself from A to B, all while allowing you to hear perfectly what’s going on around you.

Backbeat Fit: Most suitable for runners

Available for £ 140 from Amazon

BackBeat Fit earphones are made by Plantronics, the business attire responsible for headsets. They are specifically designed for sweaty athletic types out there, including the “anti-sweat” P2i layer that protects against potential moisture damage.

Weighing just 22 grams, they are light and flexible enough not to be noticed, but detailed with a reflective finish for the safety of runners at night. It also comes with a threaded case that can be fastened to your arm, holding your iPhone or a smaller Android device in place.

We found BackBeat Fit is ideal for runners, but also great for all-day use.

Libratone + Line: Best for cancellation of controllable noise

Available for £ 170 from Tekzone

If you want to block all annoying external sounds but also have the freedom to prance around without being woven into your mobile phone or MP3 device (yes, some people still have them), the Libratone + Line is the earphone for you.

Simply put, they combine the freedom with exceptional sound, lightweight design, and the latest four-tier silencer sound that can be adapted to Libratone, called Adaptive CityMix II. This lets you choose the canceling noise level that you need, to make them do a little like Sony’s Duo Ear.

With a very comfortable flexible neck strap, Bluetooth earphones prove to be great for long-term use like when you’re at work, as well as anti-sparks if you want to take them to the gym. A pair of really beautiful wireless shoots, and one of our all-round favorites on the list.