Best Car Search App, MOST WANTED Britain’s top 10 most desirable used cars unveiled – and a pick-up truck tops the list

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Best Car Search App – Luxury SUVs and pick-up trucks are the nation’s favorite vehicles, because they dominate the list of used cars that are the most requested.

The only sports car in the top 10 is the Porsche 911 stationed in the center, in a study united by CarGurus automotive market site.

Ford Ranger topped the list, and joined fellow Toyota Hilux pickup trucks (6th), Nissan Navara (7) and Mitsubishi L200 (10).

Not surprisingly, though, the Range Rover leads the SUV market, followed by Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery, Volvo XC90 and BMW X5.

The list is compiled by analyzing the number of online shoppers looking for used cars that have more than 1,000 units for sale since early 2018.

Separate top ten is made for the most desirable car that only has less than 100 used models for sale since the turn of the year.

Here, Maserati Quattroporte worth 78,000 pounds out with 422 user searches for each available model.

Bentley’s Arnage and Audi RS4 Saloon rounded off to the top three, followed by Volkswagen’s California camper van.

Unusually, American Dodge Nitro SUV makes fifth place with 259 user searches.

Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi RS7 also make a wish list of websites.

James Drake, a spokesman for CarGurus, said: “When we buy our next car, we naturally consider the practicality of the vehicle and look for the model that best suits our needs.

“But what if there are no restrictions?

“The CarGurus Desirability Score is the same thing as window shopping – it shows the model that most of us are curious or wanting, even if we’re making unrealistic purchases.”